A person of authenticity, integrity and transparency

This Chapter, 1 Chronicles 29, shows David to be a person of authenticity, integrity and transparency. He was honest about the greatness of the task as well as the inexperience of his son Solomon, vs 1.

He gave generously from the Kingdom treasury, as well as from his personal wealth too, and thus led by example, vs 2-5, and his people gladly followed suit, vs 6-9. His prayer reveals deep insight into God’s greatness, and the fact that God alone is the owner of everything on earth, vs 10-13, 16.

It also reveals man’s nothingness, and the privilege that man is given to have a part to play in God’s work, although his life is here today and gone tomorrow, vs 14,15! He understood very well that God was not taken up by outward appearances, but examined the thoughts and was pleased with integrity in the innermost being, vs 17.

King Solomon began his reign well, in that he was devoted to building God’s temple right at the onset of his reign, 2 Chronicles 3:1,2, and when God appeared to him in a dream, he did not ask for wealth, fame, long life or deliverance from his enemies, but rather for the wisdom and discernment needed to lead God’s people efficiently, 2 Chronicles 1:7-10.

Needless to say, God not only granted his request, but gave him much, much more too, vs 11,12, and he prospered greatly in every way, vs 11-17! He asked king Hirum of Tyre to help him out with the material and skilled labour that was needed and agreed to pay them in terms of wheat, barley, wine and oil, 2 Chronicles 2: 3-16. He also used the male resident foreigners of his kingdom as stonecutters, labourers and supervisors to complete the work efficiently, vs 17,18. He left no stone unturned to build a magnificent structure and with the best quality of material too, 2 Chronicles 3!

Yet, while Solomon got the temple built, it was truly David’s dream project, and so David did all he could in terms of getting the work started and encouraging his son and others to see the work completed in the best way possible! This was on account of David’s deep devotion and gratitude unto the Lord for raising him up from being a simple shepherd boy to becoming the king of God’s very own people! How is it with us? Do we realise that we have been bought at a price and forgiven much and therefore give our very best in terms of life and service unto the Lord?

Do we realise that in serving the Lord’s purpose in our generation, we are the most privileged to be able to do so, and are actually doing ourselves a favour?

For God is so great and majestic and all that we have comes from Him alone!

As we get a right understanding of these things, our service will be heartfelt, and done with the right motives such that we will be pleasing to the Father and a blessing to God’s people, just like David’s life and service was! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.