Emmanuel in this Lockdown with us

🕯️When the Ark of the Covenant, a symbol of God’s presence was in Lockdown at Obed-Edom’s House, he was greatly blessed, how much more when we have Jesus our Ark, Emmanuel in this Lockdown with us…1Chronicles 26:4-19.

🕯️As more and more Lockdown restrictions are being imposed this weekend, in some nations, there are more and more unhappiness and restlessness, being expressed which is natural. And, there are more and more chances that we can neglect the things of God, in this Lockdown, unless we on purpose, activate the Presence of God which we are carrying, for our community. We ARE the salt and light in this fear gripped world around us. If the symbol of God’s presence, the Ark, could bring so much blessing to one man’s house, how much more should our communities be blessed by God’s presence through us?

🕯️To understand how and why Obed-Edom was Blessed we got to go to 1 Chronicles 26:4-19. Obed Edom’s story, is one of those amazing stories that we will only fully understand by studying several parts of Scriptures. We would miss out so much by just knowing that Obed-Edom was a Gittite, who got Blessed. With a proper understanding of Obed-Edom’s identity as a member of the Sons of Korah, as a Kohathite Gatekeeper, with a large family who were totally devoted to services in the Tabernacle and Temple of God, we will fully understand clearly, why Obed-Edom’ s Faithful service by Fulfilling his God-given Responsibilities earned him such Blessings.

🕯️Obed-Edom is moderately well known as the Guardian of the Ark of the Covenant. He took care of the Ark for 3 months when the Ark found it’s Resting Place in his house before it was taken to Jerusalem. His ancestry as a member of the Sons of Korah has been largely neglected by most people. We know the consequences of David’s carelessness, 2 Samuel 6:1-9. He took it to Obed-Edom’s House, 2Samuel 6:10. He heard that Obed-Edom and his household was greatly blessed by God, 2Samuel 6:11. He also came to know that God blessed everything Obed-Edom had because of the Ark.

🕯️The full implications of God’s Blessing of this Godly Levite and his family, whose role as Gatekeepers of the Sons of Korah, whose job was to carry the Ark of God, with respect and reverence to God, would never be fully understood, if we missed out the relevant scriptures. Knowing the linking scriptures, we are better equipped to appreciate Obed-Edom’s righteousness, faithfulness and godliness, as an example of showing respect to the Ark of the Covenant and he taught King David how to Care for the Holy Things of God. He was a Prominent Role Model for the Sons of Korah.

🕯️The identity of Obed-Edom has been largely neglected because it is found in one of the most neglected books of the Bible, 1 Chronicles!!!

🕯️Obed-Edom was a notable Gatekeeper in Jerusalem and his house was Strategically positioned outside the City of David and David could place the Ark by the Gate of his house. The reason many miss out on the fact that Obed-Edom was a Gatekeeper is because he was know by his political identity, as a Gittite, meaning, one from Gath, 2 Samuel 6:10. In 1Chronicles26:4 he is known by his ethnic identify as the sons of Korah, a Levite.

🕯️Numbers 4:15 specifically says that it was the Kohathites like Obed-Edom, who was assigned to carry the ark on its journeys, and therefore, taking care of the Ark of the Covenant was part of the religious duties of Obed-Edom, who by all accounts was a Good Fearing Man. It was Obed-Edom’s Obedience to the Law of Moses and his Faithfulness to the Services of the Lord and God’s Assignment that Brought the Ark to his Door Steps. When he was Faithful in the House of Lord, the Lord Blessed him to be Keeper of the Ark in his house

🕯️Dear Child of God, Remember this, Generations of Obed-Edom’s children were blessed. Imagine the testimonies the descendants of the sons of Korah shared about the Temple of God. The responsibilities of Obed-Edom and his family included the South Gate of the temple as well as the storehouse for that gate,1 Chronicles 26:15.

🕯️Inspite of Lockdown restrictions when we are Faithful in the Lord’s House and in His Service where we are planted, God will Bless us with His Presence in Christ Jesus who is our Ark and Everything we have will be Blessed. We have to good caretakers of whatever God has Entrusted us with and our Generations will be Blessed…. Amen 🙏

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