Gershon and Eliezer

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💫 Gershon and Eliezer 💫

Have you ever wondered what happened to the children of Moses, the great prophet? Little does the Bible throw any light about them. Why? We don’t know. God knows what is best for each one. We need to accept it in faith.

Moses had two sons Gershon and Eliezer. Shebuel was the first born of Gershon. Eliezer had only one son, Rehabiah (1 Chr 23:14-17). This is the minimal account the Bible gives about the sons and grandsons of Moses, the man who saw God face to face.

Perhaps Moses the man who wrote the Pentateuch did not make any demands or requests for his children to be in the limelight? His progeny were accounted as common Levites and not as special priests.

Moses readily and humbled accepted God’s plan in his life. God chose Joshua to be the next leader to lead the Israelites. And God chose his brother Aaron and his children for priesthood duties. Moses had no ill feelings or regrets. His children or grandchildren were never in the spotlight.

It needs a lot of spiritual maturity to accept this in life. And Moses the meekest and humblest man preferred God’s wish and will in his life rather to be in the limelight.

Dear Ones in Christ, let our lives be entirely governed by God. Let His will be done in the life of our children and grandchildren. Allow God to bless and use our children in the way He wants. Let us never enforce our wishes upon our children.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
October 15, 2020