Remember that good intentions are not necessarily God’s will

In this Pandemic situation, remember that good intentions are not necessarily God’s will…1Chroncles 13:9

💥In this lockdown there are some who are doing what is good for them, while there are others who are doing what they think is God’s will for them. Unless we seek God through the Scriptures we might be doing good things and not necessarily God’s will.

💥As a man after God’s own heart, Acts 13:22, David sought to restore the Ark to its place of honour in Jerusalem, the place where Israel could once again seek to know the specific will of God. But, unfortunately, the way he choose was out of line with God’s commands. David’s intentions were good. Good intentions doesn’t mean godly intentions.

💥Even godly intentions can be outside the will of God. Good intentions are not good enough. God requires His work to be done in His way and not in our own way.  We may have the very best of intentions to glorify the Lord, to do His will and even to protect His work from danger, but we may still displease God and fail miserably in His work, when we do things outside the Word of God.

💥Uzzah had high regard for the things of God. He cared enough to preserve it from suffering damage. He was unlike the men of Beth Shemesh who had earlier been also struck dead because they disrespectfully opened the golden cover of the ark to look inside it, 1 Samuel 6:19. Despite his sincere intentions, Uzzah was struck dead like them! A very joyful event was turned into a dreadful and a disastrous one. David, as an Israelite, should have known better than the Philistines, who ignorantly sent back the ark in an open driverless cart without any disastrous consequences, 1 Samuel 6:7-9, that the Ark should be carried by the Levites and not any persons, even if the cart is new. Using an ox cart was not God’s way.

💥Later, David would have searched the Scriptures to find out the correct way to bring the Ark because he said, “How shall I bring the ark of God home to me?” He had the fear of the Lord. When we make mistakes when doing God’s work, we too should take time to seek the Lord and search the scriptures for the correct answers. David should have found his answer in Deuteronomy 10:8,  “At that time the LORD separated the tribe of Levi, to bear the ark of the covenant of the LORD, to stand before the LORD to minister unto Him, and to bless in His name, unto this day.”

💥Here were clear and specific instructions that the Ark was to be carried by the Levites when it was transported. David implemented his second attempt in 1 Chronicles 15:2, “Then David said, None ought to carry the ark of God but the Levites: for them hath the LORD chosen to carry the ark of God, and to minister unto Him forever.”

💥Child of God, Remember this, three things happened when there was good intention, the Oxen Stumbled, the Hands Steadied, Death Struck, 1Chronicles 13:9 We do not need the Ark of the Covenant to know God’s will today, because we now have the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to guide us in this lockdown. God’s work must be done according to God’s own ordained way, even if we are in triple lockdown.

💥We must therefore always seek to know God’s ways, and be careful to carry it out. This is the only way to succeed in God’s service. We must be careful to avoid unbiblical ways and methods and not to grieve the Holy Spirit, in this lockdown. Do not devise our own ways to do God’s work. May we serve the Lord with Reverence and Holy Fear. When we do things outside the will of God we will stumble, when we confess and repent God’s Hand will steady us….Amen

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