First Corinthians

Corinth, the capital of Achaia, was perhaps the richest and most important city in Greece. It was also the most corrupt. A center for trade, Corinth was invaded by all kinds of religions and philosophies. Paul founded the Corinthian church during his second missionary journey (Acts 18) and ministered there a year and a half.

After he left, serious problems developed in the church, and Paul wrote the members a stern letter that was not successful (1Corinthians 5:9). He heard that the church was divided (1:11), and then a delegation from the church arrived in Ephesus with a letter asking Paul’s help regarding specific questions. First Corinthians was his response.

Paul dealt with sin in the church (chaps.1-6), and then he answered the questions they asked (chaps.7-16; note the repeated phrase, “Now concerning .. .”). He discussed marriage (chap. 7), idolatry (chaps. 8-10), public worship (chap.11), spiritual gifts (chaps. 12-14), the Resurrection (chap.15), and the special offering he was taking for the Jews (chap. 16).

Paul had planted a church in the city, but the city had gotten into thé church; and that explained why there were so many problems. The believers in Corinth needed to heed Romans 12:2, and so do we today.

Posted by brother Narayan