Commencement, mission statement of our life

In this Lockdown we can learn the principles for a commencement mission statement for the next generation from the Pattern of Solomon’s Prayer….1Kings 8:1-54

🎻Think, for a moment, about what will our commencement speech will be like when we come out of this lockdown, to hand over our spiritual baton to the next generation? A commencement speech is supposed to sum up a mission statement of our life, to lay out what we believe are the most essential principles for living a Christian life.

🎻Solomon in the commencement address as a King on the day of the dedication ceremony of the Temple did it in a prayer format, unlike as a speech as one normally does. In this prayer we notice that it is the embodiment of Solomon’s knowledge and understanding of God and, as he wrote in Proverbs 9:10, that this knowledge and understanding formed the foundation of his wisdom to fear God.

🎻God was the most important thing for him, and what came out of the prayer was, all about what God did, what God was doing and God will do for Israel, if they come into the Temple with an outstretched arms and plead with him especially in times of disaster

🎻Sadly, we see that even when we are facing sickness and disease, death and disaster in this lockdown, there are people who have no time to lift up their hands to seek God. In 1Kings 8:37, we see that Solomon prayed, that if his people faced, drought, disaster, plague, famine, enemy attack and cry out to God, that He will hear them, provided they knew where they have gone wrong in their own hearts and stretch out their hands to heaven,1Kings 8:38. God will then not only hear but will also forgive them and restore them, as long as they fear God, 1Kings 8:39:40

🎻What we think in our first in our mind when we think about God, will reveal the important thing about us. We tend to move towards the mental picture of God we have and our actions come out of that. Whatever we do or say depends on we what we have conceived deep in our hearts God to be like. What we have conceived deep in our hearts will give us a mental picture.

🎻To to change the picture of God in our minds, we need to change what is rooted about God in our hearts. Let us spend time to know the truth about God and the wonders of His plan for us, by taking time to examine our hearts, let Him search our hearts, Psalm 139:23

🎻Child of God, Remember this, we are lockdown for a reason and season and, interestingly the ark was brought to the Temple on the seventh biblical month. We are in the seventh month now, it is Yom Kippur since yesterday evening. It’s a time of repentance and reflection of the afflictions of the heart, 1Kings 8:39.

🎻In the Hebrew Bible, before the Babylonian Exile, the Seventh month is called Ethanim 1 Kings 8:2. In the Babylonian calendar the seventh month is called Tishrei and it continues in the Gregorian Calendar as Tishrei. God is enabling us to meditate upon these portions and have a self reflection of our afflictions and get with Him one on one to Restore our Relationship with Him, in this seventh and only God could have timed it.

🎻God will bring us out of this Pandemic Lockdown as people of greater wisdom, who will reset their lives and let God reshape them for a greater purpose and who will see the virus losing its grip on the earth as they grasp more and more the things of the Kingdom and grow in the knowledge of King.

🎻Wisdom lifestyle means aligning our lives to the Word of God. No matter how elaborate the Temple was, God was in the thick dark cloud, 1Kings 8:12-13, which means we have to seek His Wisdom personally, nothing comes on a platter….Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌
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