God Desires to Move in us and Tabernacle us with His Presence

Worship where we are in this lockdown, in Truth and Spirit, without looking for a Gibeon… 1Kings 3:4

🔥Where we Worship is our choice. But Whom we Worship is far more important. We need to activate the Presence of the Lord when we Worship in spirit and truth. Solomon’s Exquisite Temple or the Elaborate Temple Sacrifices could not provide a Permanent Dwelling Place for the Presence of God. God desires to dwell in us.

🔥In this Pandemic Situation, many are disappointed that they can’t worship in the place they want and the place they are used to because the churches have been shut down. There is an uproar in the spiritual places across the world for shutting down worship places and places of pilgrimage. There are lots of debates, discussion and dilemmas because some research is showing that gathering in a church is not advisable. While all this is going on, we forget that we are the church the body of Christ and we can worship Him where we are at, until things turn around. Solomon who was not in lockdown, went far away to offer sacrifices, while the Ark was within his reach. The Living God is in us through the power of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus and nothing, no virus should stop us from Worshipping where we are at. We are The Temple of God, 1Corinthians 3:16.

🔥God Desires to Move in us and Tabernacle us with His Presence. All He wants is a person who trembles at His Word and A Person with a humble and contrite Heart, Isaiah 66:1-2.

🔥Solomon wanted to keep the memories of the Tabernacle and the Altar at Gibeon alive. He wanted to be in the most auspicious place far away to ask for the desires of his heart, though the Ark was within his reach in Jerusalem.

Why did he go to Gibeon when the Ark was in Jerusalem?

🔥Jerusalem was the only proper place to worship. It is “the place that the LORD your God will chose” Deuteronomy 12:5. While we might give the King the benefit of the doubt because the Temple has not yet been built in Jerusalem,1King 3:2, to Solomon it was the most important high places for burnt offerings, 1 Kings 3:4.

🔥The Altar at Gibeon was the one his father David would not use for offering his sacrifices, instead, David used the threashing floor of Arunanah. David was afraid of the Sword of the Angel, 1Chronical 21:29-30. But, David did Worship there before and left Zadok the Priest to minister in the Tabernacle, 1 Chronicles 16:39. Now he was afraid of the Angel of the Sword who was responsible for the pestilence and David did not want to disobey God again, since he was asked to build an altar at the Threashing Place which would become the site for the Temple to House the Ark of the Lord.

🔥Child of God, remember this, it is not the Place but the Person that is important. We are to connect to the Person of Jesus and His Presence gives Significance to the Place we Worship. Jesus is the Ark. The Ark should be central to our Worship.

Don’t Worship the Memories of Yesterday

🔥Gibeon was a place of the offerings of the Past. Jerusalem had the Ark, the Holy Presence. We are now the Living Sacrifices that are to be Offered up on His Altar, as the Aroma of God and Fragrance of Christ, Romans 12:1, 2 Corinthians 2:14-15, Ephesianss 5:2. In this Lockdown don’t let your past memories of your church building that is in lockdown, hinder your worship where you are right now. Until the church buildings are opened, worship God in truth and spirit by the Holy Spirit in you, as you are church God has ordained you to be where you are….Amen🙏

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