God is giving us a wake up call to repent and turn back to Him

In this Lockdown, God is reminding us that it doesn’t matter how elaborate our church buildings are, it is only when we Obey Him and keep His Word, will He Bless us…1Kings 6:11-13

💫Right in the midst of the elaborate preparation King Solomon made to build the most majestic temple, God showed up and reminded him, that however impressive he may make the temple, the Lord’s blessing will rest upon him and upon Israel only if they continue to be faithful to the Lord’s covenant with them.

💫For God, the Temple was a reflection of the Holiness of God and His people, who were chosen to be the Holy Nation. When the people disobeyed and idolatry became the lifestyle, God allowed the Temple to be destroyed and the people to be taken captive. In other words, if the people can’t worship in Holiness, why do they need a sanctuary to defile it and carry out unholy worship? God can’t be mocked. Twice we know that the Temple was destroyed, by the Babylonians in 587 BC and by the Romans in AD 70.

💫In the Jewish calendar it is the Day of Atonement, know as Yom Kippur. It is a time for repentance and restoration. While chapels to cathedrals are shut down in this lockdown, God is giving us a wake up call, to repent and turn back to Him. Let us spend time to seek the Lord, as we are His Temple. We have spent so much on church buildings, we have fought over church buildings, but it took a virus to tell us, that it is we whom God has chosen as His elaborate, beautiful crafted, uniquely designed and fearfully made Temple of the Living God.

💫1Kings 5 & 6 is the Bible for us to understand about how important the temple was, not only as the landmark building in the history of Israel but as a representation of her faith in the living God. The temple was the embodiment of God’s presence with His people.

💫The structure of the temple, the design and the worship that fit was to teach Israel the about the future New Testament faith and by the frequent observation and repeated rituals and sacrifices were to to bury the gospel deep in her heart, as the shadow of the substance to come. The tearing of the temple curtain at the time of the Lord’s death on the cross meant something of significant importance because that curtain itself stood for something of great importance as the veil into the Holy of Holiness, which we can access through Jesus.

💫Dear Child of God, Remember this, nothing is without significance in the Bible, so much can be learnt from Solomon’s Temple. We must know something about the temple to fully understand the Word of God to know how Christ’s sacrifice was the eternal redemption of which the sacrifices of the temple were but shadow and type.

💫We are now the living stones being built up into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ, which was the smoke that went up to God in the temple, 1Peter 2:9, in this lockdown,wherever we are as the Church of Christ Jesus being obedient to His Will and Word and be a light in this challenging times…Amen

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You