Worst characteristics displayed by a dastardly act of a queen under pressure

In this Lockdown let us test our spiritual temperature, we ought to be burning for Christ to melt those icy cold ones like Ahab and Jezebel….1Kings 21:1-19

🍇When we are under pressure, it can either bring the best in us or the worst in us. Tests will reveal who we really are. It’s important that our lives are spirit led and not flesh led through emotions and feelings. The lockdown has made us vulnerable and unless we are constantly in the word and surrounded by faith people, we can become cynical, critical and cold towards others. Only the liquid love of God can keep us sensitive to the Holy Spirit and grow from faith to faith in our challenging circumstances

In today’s passage we can see the worst characteristics displayed by a dastardly act of a queen under pressure to perform when the king was under power to perform, 1Kings 21:1-19

🍇Naboth an innocent man Died to Keep his Vineyard from Becoming a Vegetable Garden because of a wicked king and queen’s greed, namely Ahab and Jezebel. Ahab made a good offer with some options, alternatives, and opportunities to get the prime property from Naboth but the negotiations failed. The deal would have brought profit to Naboth. It just made sense on the surface. But, Naboth saw beneath the surface and saw what was really going on in his situation.

🍇 Ahab wanted to buy the land and plow under the grapevines, to turn it into a vegetable garden. He wanted to destroy everything Naboth’s father and forefathers had worked so hard to give him and his descendants. Ahab wanted to erase Naboth’s heritage in a day. Keeping his inheritance to pass down to his children were more important to Naboth than all the wealth in the World. This is what happens even today, many people become victims of land grabbers who will use the inheritance of the poor, weak and defenceless people in the society to promote their own business empires.

🍇Naboth valued what he had and he knew the Ahab would not. He knew that Ahab was not worthy to possess the thing had been given to him by God. He had to be killed in order to possess his inheritance illegally.

Backdrop to the Beginning of the Birth of the sin of the deadly couple…

🍇Ahab & Jezebel was the Most Deadly & Dreaded Duo. In five verses we have the resume of a Royal Pair that will take Israel to the Zenith of sin! 1Kings 16: 29-33. Ahab is infamous for being labelled as Israel’s worst King in Israel. The seeds of sin was sown by his father Omri. Omri sinned more than all those before him 1Kings 15:25. The next generation got worse in 1 Kings16:30.

🍇Ahab too had Jeroboam’s name tagged to his but with a difference. Not only Ahab did more than anyone before him he considered Jeroboam’s sins to be trivial. In other words, Jeroboam’s sins were a drop in the ocean and Ahab sins was going be the Pacific ocean of sins, 1 Kings 16:31. And top it all off, he marries the drama queen of evil mindset Jezebel who worships Baal and Baal Worship starts among God’s own people.

🍇As one commentary said One of the great “accomplishments” of King Omri’s life was his military alliance with the Phoenicians known also as Sidonians, which was sealed by the marriage of Ahab to Jezebel daughter of the Sidonian King. This marriage brought with it increased earthly power and authority. The effects of the combined evil partnership of the Dual Act of Ahab and Jezebel whose Marriage would usher in the Darkest Days of Israel drove a Prophet of God to the brink of committing suicide. If a Prophet can flee from Ahab and Jezebel what about ordinary people? 1 Kings 19:1-4.

🍇Dear Child of God, Remember this, Satan the roaring lion is after our spiritual inheritance and he is waiting to devour everything we have, which God has given us to expand the Kingdom of God. In this lockdown, we have to be alert and allow ourselves to become cold spiritually, neglecting to take care of our spritual inheritance in Christ.

🍇Let ask ourselves… How could the people taught by Moses and Joshua and with repeated warnings get into this pathetic situation by the time come to lives of Ahab & Jezebel? and How can anyone trivialise sin and goes on to major in sin?

This is a time for checking our spiritual temperature, in this lockdown

🍇There is so much of spiritual inheritance we got from our spiritual fathers and mothers that is worth standing up for. We should not sell out to the devil by compromising God’s Word, His Will and His Ways, just because we are vulnerable in this lockdown. Never forget that the world, the flesh and the devil are all trying to destroy our heritage. Our gifting and talents, our godly life, our sound mind, our faith, our character are our inheritance to serve the Lord. Keep it and guard it with Jesus as Your Wall of Fire…Amen.

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌Breaking the Chain with You