Who is a WORRIER? Are you ONE?

Yes You are a WORRIER. The very fact that you are in this group proves that you are a worrier.

The Devil will not remain still and he will continue to tempt and divert our minds our hearts& our will towards other things than God and slowly we are much much away from God and then finally into SIN. What can we do?
Can we look up to David and his good and become like him who fasted in difficult times but always trusted in God abd took his guidance for every war that he fought. Coz as every war he inquired with the Lord, it was the Lord who went ahead of him and brought him victory.

Now few things we learn from David:

  1. David INQUIRED with the Lord before taking any decisions big or small– through Prayer.
  2. David always OBEYED the Lord: Will we also like David obey the Lord always.
  3. David said SORRY when he did a sinful act of taking the wife of another and then putting her husband in the front line to die– So Repent for your sins and pray Lord I ask pardon for my known and unknown sins (Just as David prayed and asked pardon for his known and unknown sins).
  4. David ACCEPTED EVERYTHING that the Lord gives him. Joy or pain David accepts, the fact that his son died as he had done a sinful act was accepted by David though he was hurt and painful to see his son die. He does not blame God but accepts this incident happened because of his sinfulness and then he waits on the Lord

Jennie D’Souza