Get ready for a global word revival in this Lockdown

Can we increase our joy level now, in this lockdown, so that, we can have great joy when we come out, after the lockdown, to worship together?…. 2Chronicles 30:26-27

🎺The life for Judah and Israel takes a new turn when King Hezekiah came to the throne. He took over from his father and all his predecessors who took Judah and Israel into deep darkness with idolatry, human sacrifice, false worship and other dark deeds. It is so reassuring that a bad ungodly father, can have a good godly son. Hezekiah was everything his father was not, and he did what his father failed to do. Hezekiah gave priority for the things of God. He consulted the priests and levites who had remained true to their consecrated life in spite of bad kings. There is so much to glean from the life of King Hezekiah that brings hope for us in this lockdown

🎺The first thing that King Hezekiah did was to undo all the wrong things his father did. His father King Ahaz closed the door to the temple of the Lord, like the corona virus is doing to the churches, 2Chronicles 28:24. King Hezekiah in his first month as the king, opened the door of the temple, 2Chronicles 29:3 He gave instructions to priests and levites, 2Chronicles 29:4-5, notice the exclamation‼ mark after verse 4! Imagine how deafening it would have been to the Levites as the King roared his marching orders to set the house of God in order, by first cleansing themselves and then the temple. The temple was a place to reflect the king and the people’s glory filled lifestyle as people set apart for God to live by His Law

🎺We are now the Chosen Royal Priests and set apart for Him. But, are we reflecting His glory and living the kingdom lifestyle? What God did for Israel and to Israel are for our instructions.The Word of God, is God breathed for our instructions. Christians are busy making Christian programmes to keep us hooked on to the internet and away from the Word of God.

We have to be selective, see what is of substance and don’t subscribe to everything we see, so much so, that, we don’t have time to feed on the Word and be taught by the Holy Spirit. We have to be enlightened not be entertained. Jesus whose Name is the Word of God, Revelation 19:13, is returning to a Church washed in the Word, Ephesians 5:26

🎺In 2Chronicle 30:26, we read that there was a great joy like in the time of King Solomon, during the temple dedication, 2Chronicles7:1-10, and they extended the celebration to two weeks. And similarly, King Hezekiah had it extended the celebration to two weeks, 2Chronicles 30:23. Hezekiah could not be compared to anyone else but Solomon, in respect of the duration of the celebration, or the abundance of the sacrifices, or the number of participants, or the level of joy that distinguished the whole celebration. Remember, since the days of Solomon, Israel and Judah did not worship together as brothers. They were busy fighting and killing each other.

🎺King Hezekiah realised that he could not celebrate the much neglected Passover without inviting Israel because the Law of Moses was given to Israel and Judah when they were together at Mount Sinai. Hezekiah, did what was right rather than deprive Israel the golden opportunity to worship Yahweh in the appointed place. As a result, Israel after the celebration tore down the altars of idolatry, 2Chronicles,31:1. When the Word was taught and understood it brought celebration, cleansing and commitment. There was also abundance of good preaching and teaching. The Levites read and explained the Scriptures, 2Chronicles 30:21-27. Faith cometh by hearing, Romans 10:17

🎺Child of God, Remember this, God can raise up godly leadership to turn things around in this lockdown, until then, let’s be busy with the word, searching through the truth that will result in joy. Word brings joy, like in the days of Exra and Nehemiah 8:1-10. The Kingdom of God is about joy, Romans 14:17. When Hezekiah allowed the priests and levites to take their rightful place, the king and the whole assembly together with the priests and levites celebrated and the people were blessed with the backing of heaven, 2Chronicles 30:25-27

🎺There were those aliens outside the assembly that were blessed. When word revival breaks out it is more contagious than corona! The whole community and nations will be blessed, 2Chronicle 30:25. God heard Hezekiah’s prayers for healing those who had no time to go through the ritual cleansing to eat the Passover, but whose heart was wholeheartedly for God, 2Chronicles 30:19-20

🎺Come on, lets get into the Word like never before and be cleansed by the Word and celebrate joyfully for the empowering Word and get ready for a global word revival in this Lockdown… Add more family and friends…for greater celebration…Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️