God’s ways are Amazing

(2 Chronicles Chapter 22-23)

📝 In the Redemption Story the role of woman is specifically mentioned: In the first gospel according to Genesis 3:15, the SEED of a WOMAN will defeat the Satan.

📝 In Exodus 1:22 ; 2:1-10 it is written that the Egyptian Pharaoh issued an order:” Every Jewish boy that is born you must throw them into the River Nile”. But God gave wisdom to Moses’ mother (Jochebed) and his elder sister (Miriam) to guide and protect the baby boy (Moses) from Pharaoh.

📝 In today’s passage 2Chronicles 22:10, God raised a woman (Jehosheba) as his agent to protect the baby boy (Joash) from Queen Athaliah.

📌 Queen Athaliah had a strong family background in both the kingdoms: Northern (Israel) and Southern (Judah):

📝 In Northern Kingdom
🔖 Her Grandfather: King Omri (1Kings 16:23, 28)
🔖 Her Father: King Ahab (1Kings 16:29)
🔖 Her mother: Jezebel daughter of King of Sidon (1Kings 16:31)
🔖 Her Brothers:
King Ahaziah (1Kings 22:51)
King Joram (2Kings 8:16)

📝 In Southern Kingdom:
🔖 Her father-in-law: King Jehoshapath (2Chron 21:1, 6)
🔖 Her husband: King Jehoram (2Kings 8:26; 2Chron 21:6)
🔖 Her son: King Ahaziah (2Kings 8:25, 26; 2Chron 22:2)

📌 Athaliah, though she belongs to the royal family, proceeded to destroy the Royal Family of the house of Judah (2Chron 22:10). She was also trying to kill Joash the son of Ahaziah. But Jehosheba – sister of King Ahaziah and Jehoiada her husband took Joash and hid him. They kept the child safely with them for six years (2Chron 22: 11-12)

📌 The unsung hero Jehoiada the priest undertakes the task of protecting the little flame whose death would have meant the EXTINCTION OF THE ROYAL LINE.
📌 Jehoiada prepares the way by gaining the support of the various military units, priests in Jerusalem and Levites. In the seventh year Joash was crowned to be the king and was given a copy of the covenant (2Chron 23)

📝 One of the beautiful phrase written in the annotations on the book of kings (2Chron 24:27) states that:”Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord ALL THE YEARS OF JEHOIADA THE PRIEST” 📕 2Chron 24:2

💞 Beloved Church, let us learn from Jehoiada. His passion restored the relationship between God and his people.
Our God is able, and He will make a WAY for us where there seems to be NO WAY.

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏻 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳