Our financial offerings unto the Lord

King Jotham’s son Ahaz lived like the kings of Israel did! He cast metal images of Baal, burned incense in the Ben-hinnom Valley, and burned his sons as an offering, as well as sacrificed and burned incense on high places, on the top of hills, and under every green tree, 2 Chronicles 28:2-4.

On account of his sinful ways God caused many enemies to rise up against him, viz. the Assyrians, his own brethren, the Israelites and the Philistines and the Edomites too*, vs 5-8,16-21.

Nevertheless, instead of these troubles leading him to repentance, he only became more and more unfaithful to the LORD, vs 22! After his death, his son Hezekiah became the next king, who practiced what was right in the Lord’s sight, 2 Chronicles 29:1,2. On realising that his ancestors had been unfaithful to the Lord, and had therefore angered the Lord to the point that God was forced to punish them severely, vs 6-9, he made sure to reverse the curse and bring about a blessing upon God’s people by repairing and re opening the doors of the temple, and ordering for it to be cleansed thoroughly by the Levites and priests who first consecrated themselves for the purpose, vs 3-5, 10-18. He saw to it that the stipulated sin, burnt, praise and thanksgiving, peace and drink offerings were offered too, vs 20-35. This being done, Hezekiah and all of the people were ecstatic with joy, vs 36. Next he prepared for the celebration of the Passover and invited the other tribes of Israel to celebrate with him too.

Though all the tribes did not come, yet those who did, drew near with sincere hearts and got to work by removing the idolatrous altars that were throughout Jerusalem, 2 Chronicles 30:1-25! There was great joy throughout Jerusalem, because nothing had happened like this in Jerusalem since the days of David’s son Solomon, vs 26. A massive revival unto repentance spread through those who attended the Passover celebration, before they returned back to their cities and work, 2 Chronicles 31:1. Hezekiah appointed the priestly divisions and the divisions of the descendants of Levi in accordance with the law. He also renewed the practice of giving tithes for the Lord’s work to be carried out smoothly, and also so that the priests and the Levites could be provided for too, by setting the example in giving himself, vs 2-10.

He also gave an order to prepare storerooms in the Lord’s Temple, so that the gifts, tithes, and consecrated materials could be stored, vs 11, and as he sought his God by working with all of his heart in line with God’s laws, he became successful, vs 21! Once again, we see clearly from the lives of these 2 kings, Ahaz and Hezekiah, that the reason for attracting curses, enemies, wars and trouble was on account of pride and disobedience, while the reason for attracting blessings, success and prosperity was on account of humility and obedience to God’s laws!

So, if we also find ourselves in a valley situation, let us like king Hezekiah reopen the doors of the temple of our hearts and cleanse the temple up by tearing down all forms of idolatory, and begin by offering our sin, burnt, peace, praise and thanksgiving offerings, as the need may be, on a continual basis, as well as bring in our financial offerings unto the Lord to so that His Church can be well provided for and not lack in anything on our account.

Then surely the King if glory will Himself come in, and bring with Him every good and perfect gift that we need, thus making sure that we will be lacking in no good thing too! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.