Solomon took great pains to supervise the building of the temple

Solomon took great pains to supervise the building of the temple and acquired skilled workers to complete the work perfectly too, 2 Chronicles 4:1-22.

The holy items in the tent that belonged to his father David were put in the treasuries of God’s temple, 2 Chronicles 5:1. With the help of the priests and Levites, the ark was assigned a place in the inner sanctuary of the temple, in the most holy place under the wings of the cherubs, vs 7. There was nothing in the ark except the two tablets that Moses had placed there in Horeb, vs 7.

What happened to the jar filled with the omer of manna, Exodus 16:32-34, and Aaron’s rod that budded, Numbers 17: 10,11, which God had commanded to be placed before the ark of testimony?

Could it be that as the Israelites began to walk in disobedience, (during the days after Joshua and the elders living during his time died) that the presence of God left them, and so, the manna began to get stale and the buds on Aaron’s rod too, for which reason they would have been forced to discard the same? This would go to show that only the Lord’s presence in our lives could ensure us of fresh revelation on God’s Word and ways, and spiritual authority too, (which the manna and rod symbolised), and that God’s presence will be manifested only as His people continue in wholehearted obedience to His Word!

Obedience to God’s commandments, consecration of the priests and Levites, vs 11, offering of countless sacrifices, vs 6, and the playing of trumpets by the priests coupled with the playing of cymbals and stringed instruments by the musicians, while singing God-exalting songs of praise and thanksgiving, vs 12,13, brought down the cloud of glory that filled the temple on that day, vs 13,14!

Solomon blessed the Lord for fulfilling His promise to his father David, 2 Chronicles 6: 4-11, and on kneeling down in front of the entire congregation of Israel, he spread out his hands toward heaven and exalted the Name of the Lord for His faithfulness and loving kindness towards all those who wholeheartedly obey Him, vs 12-14.

He then asked God to show his favour upon this dwelling place, by always hearing the prayers made to Him at that place, or the prayers prayed in the direction of that place, whenever the people turned from their sin and cried out to Him in repentance and faith, no matter what predicament they were in, vs 19-40. As soon as Solomon finished his prayer, fire descended from heaven and burned up the burnt offerings and sacrifices, and the glory of the LORD filled the Temple, *2 Chronicles 7:1! While God assured Solomon that his prayer was heard, yet God also warned him of dire consequences, if he or his people walked in disobedience to God’s commandments, vs 11-22.

What could be the reason for the lack of spiritual revelation on God’s Word and the lack of spiritual authority upon our lives? What could be the reason for the lack of God’s presence in our lives? Yes, we know the answer only too well!

It is only our lack of repentance from sin and faith towards God, coupled with a complacent attitude towards not having the presence of God in our midst! The sooner we realise the great loss that we are experiencing on account of this, the better it will be for us.

Let us become serious once again, about seeking God’s presence wholeheartedly in our lives, homes, Churches and Nation, being assured that God will surely reward those who seek Him diligently! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.