There is no rain, locusts and pestilence

2 Chronicle 7:13-14. Why there is no rain? What is the reason for the locusts and pestilence?

God is telling My people, who are called by My name.

That means He says, it is because of Christians. But we say that it is due to the sin of the land. Today it is because of the Christians, who are called as name sake Christians, Christians only by birth, festival Christians, Christians who doesn’t have any relationship with Christ, Christians who are doing politics or business in the church, Christians who doesn’t have the experience of Salvation, Christians who live in sin, or there is no fear for God or obedience to God and unholy Christians.

So, what should we do to overcome this Corona ?

  1. We should humble ourselves.
  2. We should pray.
  3. We should seek His face.
  4. Turn from their wicked ways.

Then He will hear from heaven. He will forgive their sin and heal the land. Today,this is the medicine for treating the Coล•onna. So let us repent. Amen, Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.

Solomon’s Prayer.

The clouds of God’s Glory has a long association with His presence.
God dwelt in the temple in a special way.
Though only Jesus is God incarnate,the temple was a clear sign that God in all His being was committed to living among His people.
Solomon recognized that the temple was the fulfillment of God’s plan not David’s or Solomon’s.

David and Solomon were human instruments but the work
was God’s.
God’s unseen hands were active in all the human hands who contributed to the construction work.

We are reminded of the extensive preparations David made for the temple.
The concept of God’s rest must be regarded as the the unique and final stage in building the temple.

The Chief Glory of the temple was that it was the resting place for the ark of the covenant, a representation of God’s covenantal presence with His people.

The old Testament tradition was to spread out the hands towards heaven, in a gesture of surrender, openness and ready reception.
Solomon first thanked and praised.

God for His past fulfillment of promises,God sent the promise on purpose to be used.

Solomon asked God to incline His ear towards the king and people.
When they prayed from the temple, Solomon asked God to hear the prayers of a defeated, yet humble Israel.

Solomon ‘s great petition was that God would hear every prayer that should be uttered in that place.

It was a house of prayers for all nations.
Foreigners could know and fear God like people of Israel.

Solomon prayed that God do not reject the anointed one, it expresses Israel’s hope in the coming Messiah.

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