God will bring Repentance, Revival, Reformation and Restoration

Reading the Word of God will bring Repentance, Revival, Reformation & Restoration, from Leadership to Laity…2Kings 22:11-13 & 2Kings 23: 22-23

🔥In this unprecedented Lockdown the prayers for revival is going up to God more than ever before. Every prayer meeting that I attend, our cries are for revival. What started the revival in the days of Josiah? What caused him to repent? What made him reform the changes in theworship? How was the true worship restored? It all started with King Josiah who heard the Word of God that was read to him and he repented, 2King 22:11

🔥The little boy King who came to the throne at the age of 8 years, in his 18 th year as the king, he asked his Administrator to go to the Priest at the Temple and inform him to start the restoration work of the Temple. While the Administrator was there, the Priest informed the Administrator, that he found the Book of the Law and the Administrator read it, and then, the Administrator informed the King, who then requested the Priest to bring the Book of the Law to the Palace. The King then had the Book of the Law read to him, 2Kings 22:1-13. It was a chain of events happening between the Palace and the Temple

🔥Though the word revival is not in the Bible, King Josiah’s Reformation has all the ingredients of a spiritual revival and an awakening. We have to be revived to make reforms. We often get into an emotional hype when we pray for revival, wanting to see something specific to happen in us and the church that we perceive is needed. Josiah’s revival started with his heart for God. It was not for self but for God. He did what was right in the sight of the Lord and walked in all the way of his father David, nor did he turn aside to the right or to the left, 2Kings 22:2. He was being compared to David the man after God’s own heart, Acts 13:22

🔥It does not mean that Josiah and David did not sin. It means that neither of them personally worshipped other gods nor allowed other gods in the corporate worship, but were wholly devoted to the Lord God of Israel, and, unlike Solomon and Jeroboam who set the precedent for other kings to follow, 1Kings13:28

🔥The first thing he did was to restore the Temple that Solomon built and he trusted the workers based on their trustworthiness to God, 2Kings 22:3-7. Secondly, he heard the Word and repented, 2Kings 22:11. Thirdly, he enquired from the prophetess what to do 2Kings 22:14. Fourthly, he heard from the Lord that the disaster that Judah and Jerusalem will experience, will be after his reign because of his repentance, humility and weeping before the Lord, 2Kings 22:15-20

🔥After hearing from the Prophetess, he brought sweeping reforms. He gathered all the elders, people from the least to the greatest and had them hear the Word of the Lord and renewed the Covenant and the people pledged to keep it. The Passover was celebrated for the first time since the days of Judges, which the Kings of Israel and Judah failed to observe, and he got rid of the people involved in false worship, 2Kings 23:2-25

🔥Child of God, Remember this, the Word of God in our hands is the most important tool we have for Revival. Unless we take time to repent and be cleansed by the Word through the power of the Holy Spirit, we cannot turn to God like Josiah, with all his heart, all his soul with all his strength, 2Kings 23:25. If reading the Law of God brought such a mighty revival, how much more revival fire should we the new covenant believers reading the Whole Word of God in this 270 Bible Group should be experiencing?

🔥What is interesting to see is that not only Josiah removed the idol worship from the temple and high places that was visible, he also removed from the lives of the people the corrupting spiritual influences that were closest to their daily life, the mediums and spiritists. Every altars and idols were smashed to smithereens and burnt, to cleanse the temple and the community which was required by the Law, 2Kings23:24

🔥Josiah confirmed the Word with his actions, he walked in the ways of the Lord, he walked the talk, 2Kings23:24. The Passover was celebrated as the testimony of their revived heart, the visible witness of a changed heart, and not celebrated as a ritual, which meant that, they had to cleanse the conditions of their impure heart before celebrating the Passover, to mark the end of a deep cleansing process. A revival involves Leadership and Laity, both need to repent like Josiah and the people. All walks of people were involved, palace, temple, and ordinary people. In this Lockdown, let us take stock of the worldly influences overpowering our walk with God. Let us crave for a personal revival that can ignite a great worldwide revival through the Word of God… Amen 🙏

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