A Woman of Courage

2 Samuel 20.16-22
Though the Bible does not even mention her name, this woman had the courage to stand on the top of a wall in the middle of a siege, and ask to speak with the person leading the attack on their city. As a result, she saved her city from destruction.

It is always the person whose name is in the headlines who changes the course of history. Often it is the unsung hero – the person who dares to stand up and speak out for what is right – who makes the real difference.
The world may never take note of your courage, but God will not miss it.

God Takes Promises Seriously
2 Samuel 21.1-14
When David asked the Lord why Israel was having such a hard time growing food, the answer may have been surprising. God reminded David that Saul had broken Israel’s promise to the Gibeonites.

Long ago, when God’s people first crossed into Canaan, they had been tricked into making a promise not to harm the Gibeonites. It seems that Saul had ignored this promise and had tried to kill off the Gibeonites. The Bible does not record Saul’s attack against the Gibeonites, but it was a big mistake.

While other people may not have noticed Saul’s actions, God did. Once David made things right with the Gibeonites, God’s blessing upon the land returned.
God does not take promises lightly.
Never make a promise you do not intend to keep, and always keep the promises you make.

God Is Our Shelter
2 Samuel 22.1-30
David sang this song of praise to God for bringing him through some tough times in his life. As we read through this section, we notice how many ways David describes God’s great care for him.

God rescued David many times not only from physical enemies, but also from enemies of loneliness, discouragement, despair, and emotional pain.
When times are tough in our lives, we can take heart from these words of David that remind us of God’s wonderful love and care for us.
God, you are “always loyal to your loyal people, and you are faithful to the faithful”.

The Future Belongs to God
2 Samuel 22.50.51
Throughout this song, David honored God as his place of safety, his security, his light, and the source of his strength. As he closes his song, he expresses his hope in God for a great future. David knows his own days are numbered – he is now old and losing his strength.

But David believed that God would keep his promises and that he would continue to bless David’s descendants down through the ages.

When we truly trust the Lord and obey his Word, we can trust that he will follow through with his plans for our lives.

There are some lessons to be learned from this dark period in David’s life:

  1. Beware of idleness.
  2. Beware of exposing
  3. Beware of letting the eyes and mind dwell on sinful things .
  4. Never think that unconfessed sin can be covered up.
  5. Beware of thinking, “It can’t happen to me.” Even the strongest person can easily slip. At any moment, at any hour, any Christian anywhere can be caught off guard and can fail God miserably. David was not without troubles.
    One of the basic fallacies which many Christians secretly hold is the idea that when you are right with God, you ought to have nothing but good fortune. But David had his share of troubles. He brought some of them upon himself because of his sin with Bathsheba and his lack of discipline over his children— but it’s also clear that David faced many troubles for which he was not responsible.

Adversity and trouble are not always punishment for evil which we have done. It’s certainly proper for us to examine ourselves and to confess our sins frequently, but when hard places do come it will not always be possible to put our finger on something we have done.

We will not always have an immediate explanation as to why we have been dealt with so harshly.
Many times God does what He does simply because He is who He is and offers no explanation, as it was in the case of Job.

✍️🍃Mrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ 🍃✍️