David was honest and openly showed sorrow and humility

Inspite of the dire circumstances that David was faced with, yet God gave him the support of faithful men who stood by him in his hour of need.

This was because David was honest and openly showed sorrow and humility for what had happened concerning his son Absalom. One of them who sttod by him was Hushai the Archite, who defeated the counsel of Ahithophel, 2 Samuel 17, and just as David prayed, God caused Absalom to forsake Ahithophel’s counsel and accept Hushai’s counsel instead, vs 14.

This enabled the battle to turn in David’s favour, 2 Samuel 18, and at the end of it Absalom was killed by Joab, vs 10-15, inspite of David commanding Joab and Abishai and Ittai to deal gently for his sake with Absalom, vs 5! David endured great pain on hearing of his son, Absalom’s death, 2 Samuel 19:1.

It was only at Joab’s insistence that David was able to stand before the people and appreciate their efforts in helping him regain his throne, vs 5-8.

Very often it is because of our bad parenting skills, mostly done in ignorance, that many a child suffers deeply as a result. Not knowing which way to turn and how to confront their parents concerning their parent’s wrong deeds, they store up hurt, bitterness and revenge in their hearts either towards their wrongly favoured siblings or towards the parents themselves who have not taken the pains to settle their family issues without partiality, but with justice, understanding and in righteousness.

This not being done, can lead to serious consequences, (as we see happening in Absalom’s case) thus leaving many people having to bear the brunt on account of such a laid- back attitude on part of us parents who are too busy involved in ministry or other activities!
May we ask the Lord to enable us to see where we have gone wrong in the light of the above story and radically repent with restitution as the need may be, or ask God to show us how we can keep ourselves from making similar mistakes in the days to come.

Surely, as we draw near to God in truth and sincerity we will find mercy and grace to help in our time of need, so that we can raise up godly families, and thus become a source of blessing to the many families that God sends across our path in the coming days.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.