David’s small and powerful prayer

2 Samuel 15: 31
And one told David, saying, Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom. And David said, O LORD, I pray thee, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness.

This was the short and powerful prayer of David in the journey of his affliction.
When David perceived that the hearts of the men of Israel were after Absalom, without a second thought he escaped from Jerusalem.

David could have pleaded God to favor him and to preserve him.
But with all his simplicity, he just allowed the situations that came across in his life to take place. No murmurs and no complaints. In addition to his affliction, Shimei from the family of Saul abused him, cursed him, threw stones and cast dust upon him, nevertheless David said:
“It may be that the LORD will look on mine affliction, and that the LORD will requite me good for his cursing this day”. (2Sam16:12)

But in all these things he did not regret, but when it was told that Ahithophel was joined with Absalom, he prayed,  ” Turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness .”
Ahithophel is a symbol of satan

Beloved, It is not easy to accept difficult situations when we walk with God…..don’t target Absaloms and Shimeis in your life when they conspire and stone against you, rather you target upon Ahithophel the devil.
Often we ask God ” Why me Lord?”…

God has to remove somethings and some people out of your life….
He does that to make room for your expansion in your life…
Yes when He prunes you He is preparing you for the season of harvest…
Allow God to remove those things and people from your life….
when we go through the path of difficulties and hardships in our life, instead of asking God to take away the problems, we should practice to pray this small and powerful prayer like David.

Our prayer should be:
“O Lord, turn the counsel of devil into foolishness”.

Stay Blessed 😊