Judah and the other tribes of Israel against David

Inspite of Absalom being killed, we find that subsequently discord broke out between Judah and the other tribes of Israel, which led to a Benjamite named Sheba revolting against David, 2 Samuel 20:1,2,4-22.

This lead to Joab murdering another commander of Israel, named Amasa, who was his cousin, (2 Samuel17:25).

It seemed as if he did this in order to protect his own position as commander of David’s army, 2 Samuel 20:7-10. Nevertheless, they managed to get Sheba killed and peace was restored once again, vs 13-22! Next, David had to deal with a famine that swept Israel for 3 years, because Saul in his zeal wrongly slew the Gibeonites, 2 Samuel 21!
The Gibeonites were appeased once the 7 of Saul’s sons were handed over to them to be exterminated, and the price being paid, God heard their cry and the famine thus ceased, vs 1-14.

David’s song in 2 Samuel 22, shows clearly how God rushes to aid the righteous every time they cry out to Him in their hour of need, however, the cry of evil men will not be heeded by Him, vs 4-51. David’s last words before his death gave the secret for his victorious reign and lasting dynasty, and that being that a ruler and leader of God’s people must lead in fairness among the sons of men and in the fear of God, 2 Samuel 23: 1-5.

The wicked rulers, however, will be tossed away and burnt up in due season, vs 6,7. As David walked in the fear of God and was honest and quick to repent of his sin when exposed, God supported him with outstanding warriors that enabled him to lead Israel into many victorious battles that brought God glory, 8-39; 2 Samuel 21:15-22. Finally, when David displeased the Lord by taking a census of the people of Israel, 70,000 people lost their lives in the plague that ensued, 2 Samuel 24:1-15.

It was only after David repented and offered the necessary sacrifices that the Lord told him to, at the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite which he bought along with the oxen, for 50 pieces of silver, did the plague cease and the prayers were accepted, vs 16-25. It was at this place that David said that he would not offer a sacrifice to God that cost him nothing, vs 24.

David was far from perfect, but his ability to acknowledge his sin when confronted, and make the necessary restitution, prevented him from losing out on the marvellous eternal blessings that God had reserved for him. Likewise, even answers to our prayers can be assured only as we put away all conscious sin, and seek God for deliverance earnestly in the beauty of holiness. The righteous man/woman is one whom God recognises and is quick to hear and answer their cry for deliverance, besides showering them with many blessings too.

Praise God that we can all be made righteous by the precious blood of Jesus as we honestly confess and forsake all conscious sin. Let us delay no longer in doing so, and enjoy every spiritual blessing which are already ours in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.