Sin carried forward to the succeeding generations

The worst part, with regard to our sins, is that they are carried forward to the succeeding generations, unless repented of by us and them too, such that the don’t follow in our sinful ways!

This is clearly seen in the family line of David. David did repent of his sin of murder and adultery, but the consequences of it he had to bear! The judgment meted out to him was similar to the judgment he gave, when Nathan came to him with a parable and subsequently rebuked David for his sin, 2 Samuel 12:1-6!

God forgave David, but when his sons did not repent of their father’s sins too, we find that murder, fornication and adultery was committed by them as well, 2 Samuel 13. It is also very sad to see how David was undiscerning concerning his son, Amnon’s request, to permit his half sister to cook and feed him when he feigned sickness, vs 6-8! Further, for two long years after this incident, David did nothing to correct Amnon for his wicked deed of raping his half Sister, vs 23.

As a result, Absalom took the law into his own hands, and murdered Amnon himself, and then fled the country for three long years, vs 21-38! It was only because of Joab’s shrewdness that Absalom was eventually brought back, yet without any righteous settlement whatsoever, 2 Samuel 14:23-33! What did this lead to? Gradually, on lacking faith in God and on seeing no way out, Absalom used crooked means to turn the hearts of the naïve people to himself, 2 Samuel 15:1-6,11. And finally, after 40 long years, vs 7, Absalom makes subtle plans to overthrow his father’s rule over Israel completely, which almost succeeds, but for God’s intervention, 2 Samuel 16! During this time, it becomes obvious to David which people were his faithful subjects and which were not, 2 Samuel 15:12,15,18-22,24-29,32-37; 2 Samuel 16:1-11.

David’s humble position before the Lord, (perhaps because he now realises the mistakes he made concerning the raising of his children), saves him, but at the cost of losing his third son(Bathsheba’s first child, Amnon and then subsequently Absalom)!

So, sin when unrepented of, both by parents and children can lead to damaging results! Repentance must involve necessary restitution, so that God can justly bring in the much needed restoration and revival.

This must begin in our homes and Churches before it can spread to the Nations of the world!

Let him who has an ear, hear and obey, so that on avoiding these mistakes, the blessing of Abraham may be inherited by us and our children both now and forevermore.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.