We can feast at the King’s Table like Mephibosheth

This Corona Virus might be crippling our circumstances but we can feast at the King’s Table like Mephibosheth, who ate at the King’s Table daily with his crippled feet… 2 Samuel 9:13

🍂In this time of immense suffering because of the impact of the corona virus which has crippled everything in its path like the economy, health, relationships, family unity, college education, spiritual life, social gathering and many other things, we can still feast at the King’s table, where nothing is crippled

🍂The same David who wrote, He prepares a table before the enemies, Psalm 23:5, is the same David, who is taking a nobody like Mephibosheth and is making him a somebody, raising him from obscurity to notoriety. Jonathan’s kindness and love for David, and the covenant made between him and David opened the doors of farvour for Mephibosheth, 1Samuel 20:14-16

🍂In the Old Testament times, cripples were seen as worthless, distasteful, a burden and ended up as beggars. But, David is looking for ways to show kindness and mercy and grace, 2Samuel 9: 1&3, a foreshadow of Jesus who came to give us, His Loving Kindness, Mercy and Grace so that He can turn every cripples into His Kindom Children.

🍂Dear Child of God, Remember this, it doesn’t matter how crippling our situation is, but if there is someone who needs help right now, please do the needful for them. There are many who have helped us in the past to get to where we are now. But, we often fail to remember them or help them or someone in their family.

🍂Many years ago I went looking for an aunt of mine who was abandoned by her family. When my mum told me about her, I went looking for her when I was doing ministry near her place. I brought her to our parsonage and ministered to her to the shock of all the inmates of the old age home she was in. She was the kindest person but got abandon because of social stigma. Glad I could do that before she existed this world and for her to know that she was not forgotten

🍂Mephibosheth was not fit for any official duties but was treated by the King David with the utmost kindness, respect and affection. Mephibosheth’s infirmities was not an obstruction to David, who found the means and ways to be carried to the king’s table. Yes, God will find the ways and means to feast at His table in this crippling corona times…. Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌
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