A Great Lockdown Lesson

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Day 237, 270 Days Bible Reading, Monday, 8.3.21.

A Great Lockdown Lesson: When we pray for those who persecute us with radical forgiveness on our knees, Jesus will stand up for us at the right hand of the Father… Acts 8:55-60.

🌹 Isn’t it amazing to read that Stephen’s radical prayer for the radical forgiveness of his persecutors will radically change a young man called Saul, who was in-charge of stoning Stephen to death, and later this same Saul/Paul will go on to write around two-thirds of the New Testament through his life-giving Epistles? Acts 8:58.

🌹 Child of God, Remember this, we will never know the impact of our radical prayers, which opens heaven when we pray for forgiveness of those who hurt us, harm us and hate us, Acts 8:56. Jesus stands when we are on our knees. Stephen was so full of the Holy Spirit while being stoned to death, Acts 8:55. The Holy Spirit came alongside to take the stones for him. When we, as Christians, become so irritable, angry, upset and unforgiving with our fellow Christians and our own family, how will we respond to our persecutors when they stone us?

🌹 What we are made of will be revealed during testing times and trying times. What is on the inside of us will flow when we are shaken. Let us use our lockdown season to get connected to the Lord, to the Word and the Holy Spirit, so that when the Endtime persecutions happen, we will radically flow in the power of the Holy Spirit and forgiveness.

🌹 Anyone who lives a godly life will be persecuted, 2 Timothy 3:12. So we have a choice — either live for God and respond in the power of the Holy Spirit during persecution, or live a worldly life and be judged by God. Rejoice when we are going through trials because Jesus is in us, with us and will stand up for us, bringing us into spiritual maturity, James 1:2-4. Live under the open heavens in this lockdown, Acts 8:56….Amen🙏

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