A heart full of love has no room for envy

🔸Importance of prayer
I was reminded of how important prayer is as a link with those I cannot reach. By talking to the Lord about a friend or loved one’s needs, I have a unique opportunity to make a difference in their lives— even though I can’t be with them in person. No matter what the circumstances of my friends or family members who are away from me, prayer is always an effective way I can support them and be of help. It worked for the people who prayed for Peter and it can work for us.

Truth is: When you can’t be there, you can help through prayer.

🔸Root out envy
Envy is a feeling of bitterness because of another person’s qualities, possessions, or position, and the desire to have them. The Jews opposed Paul’s preaching for the same reason—envy. To rid my heart of envy I must identify and confess it to God. If it persists, I should start praying for the other person. I know I am rooting out envy when I begin to rejoice in that person’s good qualities more than wanting them.

Truth is: A heart full of love has no room for envy.

To God be the Glory!
Br. John Rajan/Admin.,
GCO. Shanthi Samuel,