A Shepherd is feeding God’s people


A Shepherd is feeding God’s people.
The church belongs to Jesus.
The flocks are belonged to God.

Paul warns that savage wolves will come in among them all.

Paul asked to have the same careful concern for the people of God, that he himself had.

It was a longtime care, watchful care, universal care, and a heartfelt care.

Paul was a hard worker for God’s Glory.
Without a heart of sacrifice, there can be no real effective eternal ministry.

Paul was not a cold dispenser of doctrine, but a warm pastoral man ,who loved his people greatly and won great love from them.

Paul tearfully said goodbye to the Ephesian elders, believing they would only meet again in eternity.

In Revelation chapter 2,Jesus complemented the church in Ephesus as follows.

Their hard work for the kingdom of God.
Their endurance through difficult times.
Yet Jesus gave them a severe warning that they had left their first love.

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Paul’s last segment of life mirrored the life of Jesus

Paul’s last segment of life mirrored the life of Jesus.

Paul had great love and concern for the congregation in Ephesus. It’s just a reflection of Jesusโ€™ great love and concern for them.

He followed Jesus in all walks of life. Paul traveled to Jerusalem with a group of his disciples like Jesus did and was opposed by hostile Jews who plotted against his life. He made or received three successive predictions of his coming sufferings in Jerusalem, including being handed over to the Gentiles.
Paul declared his readiness to lay down his life and was determined to complete his ministry and not be deflected from it like our Saviour and Christ Jesus.

He too expressed his abandonment to the will of God.

The same Paul was once a persecutor of the followers of Christ.

Remember, God can save anyone. He can change a persecutor to follower of Christ.

We all have a role to play in Christ in God’s kingdom.

Let’s stand up for Christ and allow Him to use us to make His miracles.

It is written in Mark 16:15-17, โ€œGo into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

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