God will make a way, our conscience

🔸God will make a way
God can make a way when it seems there is no way. Paul and Silas found this out too. While they were praying in prison, God sent an earthquake to free them. I can’t always expect God to arrange things exactly how I want them. But in His sovereignty, He makes a provision for things to get done the way He wants them done. My job is to pray, to follow His leading, and to trust Him with the results. If He wants it done, God will make a way.
Truth is: God is greater than our greatest problem.

🔸Our conscience
God has placed a sense of eternity in everyone’s heart, a conviction that what we do has everlasting consequences. I am thankful that the Bible tells me about the One to whom I am accountable and that it clearly defines what is right and wrong. But I’m also grateful that God offers forgiveness to me through faith in Christ, so I don’t need to fear His judgment. Our conscience is a gift from God, It is a guiding light; and when aligned with God’s own Word, It tells us wrong from right.
Truth is: Only God has the right to say what’s wrong.
To God be the Glory!