Praise Unlocks the Shackles and Chains Suddenly in the Lockdown Prison

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Day 240, 270 Days Bible Reading, Thursday, 11.3.21.

Praise Unlocks the Shackles and Chains Suddenly in the Lockdown Prison… Acts 16:25-26.

⚡ Another 30 days to go and we will finish our 270 Bible Reading. God has given us ample time in the Corona Space and Corona Time to read and study the Word of God. God is looking for those who have been faithful with the reading rather than to be successful in reading. As long as we are hungry and thirsty for the Word of God, God will fill us to satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst. Our spirit man in us needs feeding just as the body needs food. The Word of God is the blueprint for our lives. We won’t know why we are here on earth for; we cannot know His plan and purpose, unless we know His Word and His will for us.

⚡ Everyday we are exposed to grim news. If we focus on the problems, we will be in shackles. That is what the devil wants. But we need a jailbreak. Let us, through the rest of the days left in this Bible reading days and beyond, shake off our chains, shackles and bondage to fear. Yesterday we saw that the prayers of the church broke the chains of Peter while he was asleep in the middle of the night with an angel-touch, Acts 12:5-9. Today we read that when Paul and Silas praised and sang at midnight, heaven came down and broke the chains and shackles, Act 16:25-26.

⚡ Child of God, Remember this, the highlight of Chapter 16 is Paul’s imprisonment in Philippi (Acts 16:16-39) for preaching the Gospel of Grace, Acts 15:11. Paul and Silas were stripped, beaten up severely, thrown into prison, wounded and bleeding, chained and shackled, Acts 16:23-24. Those who were responsible for their imprisonment thought that was the end of the Gospel!

⚡ Paul and Silas did something unusual. Instead of focusing on the problem, which was their wounded, bleeding and painful body, they focused on their solution, that is Jesus. They focused on the One WHO was flogged, beaten, nailed and bore their pain! Their focus on Jesus lead to a time of Prison Praise, which was an offering of Sacrificial Praise, Hebrew 13:15.

⚡ ‘Sacrificial Praise’ is Praising God when we cannot praise with our natural thinking because our senses are so numbed with pain. Only through Jesus can we offer a Sacrificial Praise! It comes supernaturally from the lips of the ones who openly profess His Name, Hebrew 13:15. There was something special about their voices and their tone. Every prisoner with them was listening. Paul and Silas didn’t sing for themselves. Both of them were creating an atmosphere for a jailbreak! They were creating faith in others. They were stirring the faith of other prisoners. Their Praising and Singing was the Balm of Gilead for other prisoners, Jeremiah 8:22. Intense Praise and Worship was going on so much so that Heaven came down, and joined their singing, and it shook the very foundation of the prison cell, breaking off the chains of ALL THE PRISONERS… Hallelujah, Acts 16:26.

⚡ What was the jailor doing? Fast asleep during the Praise and Worship! He was not listening; he was asleep on duty! He was suicidal because he was not in the prison choir, Acts 16:27. There was so much of supernatural light in the prison cell that Paul could see the jailor, but the jailor had to call for the lights to be turned on, Acts 16:29. We are called to be the light in dark places wherever we are. Faith is usually UNLOCKED IN LOCKDOWN. Breakout of the Covid Prison Lockdown with Praise, so that others will see our light and come to Jesus. No face mask can hide the glory of God shining on the faces of God’s Children, Ephesians 5:14, Matthew 5:14.

⚡ Paul and Silas could have kept quiet and let the jailor kill himself. But they wanted him to stay alive to hear the Gospel. So Paul SHOUTED, “don’t harm yourself,” Acts 16:28. Paul, after singing and praising, had enough voice to Shout out! Though Paul and Silas were harmed much, they didn’t want the jailor to come to any harm, or lose his job, or be killed by the authorities.

⚡ Paul, a one time killer, who would never have hesitated to kill the believers, through the love of Christ, now doesn’t even want his enemies to come to harm. No wonder he could sing cheerfully, though in pain and in prison, because he died in Christ and is Alive in Christ. Living Faith lives in a Dead person who has died in Christ, Galatians 2:20. Let us unlock our faith in this lockdown by sending Judah first, Judges 1:1-2. Judah was the Tribe of Praisers who went before all battles, Judges 20:18. Let our praises precede our spiritual jail breakouts, for breakthroughs in this lockdown… Amen. 🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You… ⛓️