I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man

Acts 24:16 ‘So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man
This is Paul’s testimony I always maintain a conscience blameless before God and before men Paul never allowed sin to remain in his conscience even for a moment .He confessed it to God and man and set it right immediately.

A clear conscience is one of the essential weapons for a successful spiritual life and ministry.We see God is not offended by our thoughts and actions.When a good conscience is corrupted ,one’s faith,prayer life,communion with God,and a life of good deeds are damaged.If we reject a good conscience,our faith is weakened.

Cynthia Sathiaraj

Lockdown Reflections… 📝
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Day 242, 270 Days Bible Reading, Saturday, 13.3.21.

In this Lockdown we must remember to fulfill God’s plan even if we have to stand before the Caesars of this world… Acts 25:11

⚖️To finish the course of his assignment, Paul recognized that God had entrusted his ministry to him and he knew when to appeal to the heavenly court to accept a Christ-like attitude and when to appeal to the supreme court of the land and appealed to stand before Caesar, the Emperor of the Roman Empire, Acts 25:11.
Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances and situations where whatever course of action we decide to take, we will be criticised and accused by all those around us or by those in authority over us in our work places or ministry. We have to trust that God is ultimately in control and at such times, whatever the outcome we know that only His perfect plans will prevail and come to pass for our lives.

⚖️Child of God, Remember this, no matter what legal problems we face, we will be given the Wisdom of God, Who is Jesus, 1Corinthians 1:24 and the Power of the Holy Spirit Who is our Advocate, John 14:26, Who will take up our case in the heavenly court to plead our case. Every legal situations require God’s wisdom to know how to go and appeal for our cases, if the charges brought against us are false when we are the servants of the Lord, Acts 25:11.

⚖️There is so much we can learn from Paul. He didn’t allow the governor or anybody else to influence, manipulate or discourage him to change his mind or the destiny or the direction or the will of God. He went on to finish his course by going straight to the ultimate destination, Rome, where Caesar was, and stood before him fearlessly. He knew exactly what God wanted him to do, that is to be in Rome to testify, Acts 27:24. Dont give up on Gods plans due to the challenges or trials, be faithful to the Lord for He is faithful and let this lockdown be a time to seek God for wisdom in our trials…. Amen🙏

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