The Lord opened Lydia’s heart

The Lord opened her heart to heed (to pay attention) the things spoken by Paul. She and her household were baptized. Acts 16: 14-15.

What was the reason for God to open Lydia’s heart?

Though she was rich, seller of purple, she was worshiping God. She came to the riverside with a thirst in her heart to listen the word of God from Paul. Yes, we too may be worshiping God. But if we come to His presence, with thirst to listen to the word of God, and to obey, definitely God will open our heart too.

God loves our heart. Thatswhy He told,” My son, give Me your heart”. Proverb 23: 26. He will live in our heart. He will make our heart as good soil to give plenty of sweet fruits, make it as a fountain which springs living water. He will help us to remove all unholy characters from us and help us to become a new person and fill us with good fruits. He will make us holy. He moves in our heart. He teaches us, feeds us with heavenly manna, the word of God. He guides us and protects us.

Yes, when God opened her heart, not only she accepted Jesus and took Baptism, but also she persuaded them to stay in her house and there by showing her love and hospitality.

Our Lord not only open our heart, He opens our eyes to see the hidden treasures in the word of God, He opens our ears to hear His voice, and He opens our lips to praise Him , sing and adore Him, to talk to Him and to tell the word of God to others. Also He opens the doors which are closed for many years and shower His blessings. May God open our heart, eyes, ears and lips and bless each one of us. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.