Know the Lord and his demands

📖 Deuteronomy 10:12-22

After reiterating the Law and other moral and spiritual teaching, Moses now asked an important question, “O Israel, What does the Lord your God ask of you?” (v 12) Let us ponder upon:
“Lord your God”
“What He ask of you”?

📌 Precisely this is a call:
✅ To know who the Lord is and what He expects from us.
✅ To be faithful in our devotion and commitment.

📝 Moses mentioned some tips in verse 12 -13, and it will help us to present ourselves according to HIS DEMANDS:

1) FEAR THE LORD:With reverence and to develop a sense of His constant presence amongst us.

2) WALK IN OBEDIENCE:Obeying God’s ways in our daily proceedings.

3) LOVE HIM:A genuine love manifests our closeness and obedience to Him.

4) SERVE HIM:Do the things in such a way that you are doing it for the Lord.

5) OBSERVE THE LORD’S COMMANDS AND DECREES:It demands sincerity in learning and carefulness in obeying God’s laws.
🌈 God’s commands are given for our goodness(v 13b).

📌 These five points are repeated often in Deuteronomy because like the Israelites we tend to become CARELESS in our faith journey 👣

📝 We need frequent reminders about the areas of our life where we are likely to stumble.
📝 We need to remind ourselves that the God of the Bible is —
~ The Master and Owner of everything in the universe (v 14)
~ The One who choose and love the Israelites (v 15)
~ The God of all gods and Lord of lords(v 17)
~ Just and compassionate (v 18-19)
~ The God who deserves all our praises (v 21)
~ The God of wonders (v 21)
~ The God who keeps his promises (v 22)

💕 Beloved Church, the crux of the above virtues lies in “circumcising one’s own heart” (v 16).
So let us offer ourselves as LIVING SACRIFICES, HOLY AND PLEASING TO GOD 🙌

Glory to God 🙏🏼
✍🏾 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳