Who are truly happy?

Deuteronomy 33:29 says, “Happy are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord, the shield of your help.

In this chapter we see a formal, tribe-by-tribe blessing given to the nation by Moses before he died.
THESE are the last recorded words of Moses.
Verse 29, is the conclusion of the blessing on Israel summed up in a few words.

OH.. happy Israel! it is inexpressible, because they are a people saved by the Lord

Who are truly happy?

Everyone wants to be happy.
Each person has his or her own definition of happiness.

Everyone has a different idea of happiness.

One of the inspirational speaker once wrote:
“Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”

What do we think happiness looks like?
Is it smiles and laughter?

Perhaps we may think that happiness comes from attaining something we have wanted for a long time.

How do people acquire happiness?

Most people think that happiness comes through worldly wealth, fame, and power;

Compared to our past, today we are wealthier in terms of things we own—that is, we have the means to lead more comfortable and luxurious life styles.

Despite this rapid growth of materialistic culture, we are not as happy as we were in the past.

So remember my dear…. happiness is not necessarily attained from the material wealth.

Happiness depends on our hearts, the state of our minds—and not some things that we own.

One can buy a nice house and great many things with money, but one cannot buy happiness and a peaceful heart.

What is the reason that we are not all happy?

Let each of us ask the question, “Why, why, why! Why am I not happy as a child of God?

If we are unhappy, the fault lies with ourselves.

The Bible teaches that happiness comes from being happy with who God is.
It is found in a loving relationship with the Creator.

God has made us with great gifts, He has cleansed us with the blood of Christ, and He wants to use us.

He doesn’t want us being unhappy with ourselves, but all true happiness comes—not from ourselves—but from Him.

Therefore, my beloveds, Never attempt to carry our own burden, but learn to roll it upon the Lord.

Saint Augustine confessed the following in the first chapter of his Confessions.
“God, because You created us to live facing You, our hearts are not content until we rest within You.”

It is true. Humans are spiritual creations of God; therefore, we cannot attain true happiness without God.
Only in God will we find true happiness!

Jooley Mathew Z