The book of Esther

Who wrote this book?
The author is unknown, but it is clear, from the tone and details throughout, that the author is a devout Jew. Possibly Ezra, Mordecai, or Nehemiah wrote it.

When and where was it written?
In Persia, sometime between 460 and 350, because Esther became queen in 479 B.C

Why was it written?
This book gives us insight about God’s special and purposeful plan for everyone’s lives.

Also this book is teaching us to believe in our hidden powers.
Esther’s name means “hidden” in Hebrew.

Even when she was isolated in darkness, she called upon her strengths and courage to transform events.

Can we ask a few questions to ourselves honestly?
Do I allow the echo of fears and faults to silence God’s voice?
Do I dwell on failures and let them determine my direction?
Do I worry my weakness disqualifies me from doing any good work for God?

If we answered YES to any of these questions, then …………… my friend,
……. our faith is Wounded, Fractured, Splintered, and Ruptured.

God designed our faith to be Christ-centered and Spirit-led.

Jooley Mathew Z