Things in life hadn’t gone Esther’s way

God is the only One who has the power to turn trials into blessings.
Don’t ever doubt that He is able.
Nothing is impossible with Him.
This story has his miraculous work and power all over it, through every chapter, every word. There is a constant thread of redemption through Esther’s story that speaks to our lives still today.

Things in life hadn’t gone Esther’s way. Often, we may read this story and just think of Esther being beautiful and given the royal position of Queen.
Yet we forget where she came from. She was orphaned. She had suffered great loss, even at a young age. She was then whisked away from her home, her family, her people, and all she knew; and she was taken to the King’s palace, given the load of expectation to succeed. Yet even when gifted with such a royal position, there was still incredible hardship. Her people faced great tragedy and destruction. She surely felt very alone. She faced trial after trial through her life, yet we see in every part of the story, there is a hope woven through. And it’s truly the most powerful pieces of the entire book.

God is always at work even when we can’t see the whole story. Even when things look uncertain. And that sets the stage for great things to happen, “…And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”
Esther 4:14.

God’s blessings is greater than our troubles. Always. His goodness will shine through. It’s just the way He works.

Our prayers matter.
Our voice matters.
Our actions matter.
And God is our Deliverer.
We can choose to live with grace and kindness. We can choose to stay involved, to have a voice, to be engaged, and to make a difference in our nation and the world.

Mordecai knew his voice mattered.
Esther knew her actions mattered. And through the wisdom and obedience of these two, God saved his people. Mordecai believed that even if Esther didn’t help them, God would send help from a different way, that’s how much he trusted in the power of the Lord.
He understood that our positions in life were not at all about us, but only about what God could do through those powerful places.

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish…”
Esther 4:14.

May God help us to be willing to pray, fast, wait for His direction, then act on the wisdom He provides.
May we be ever faithful to pray for all those in authority, for those who need someone to speak up on their behalf, for those who are being pressed down or persecuted.
May we be brave to speak with wisdom and discernment, and to live these days with hearts of compassion and love.
May we be strong to follow God’s voice, even when it’s not the most popular choice in our culture. Because sometimes He works through that and surprises everyone.

✍️👸Mrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ 👸✍️