Cleft in the Rock of Ages for shelter

In this Lockdown God has provided a cleft in the Rock of Ages for shelter, when we are in a tight spot…Exodus 33:18-23

🏔️While Moses was up on the mountain meeting with God in the Glory atmosphere for 40 days and night, Exodus 24:18, God’s people fell short of the Glory of God, at the foot of the mountain and broke the first commandment as it was being given and even before Moses broke the tablet of stones with the Law written on it, Exodus 32:19. It reminded me of what took place in the Garden of Eden. After God created Adam and Eve, He clothed and wrapped them in God’s glory. But, they sinned and FELL SHORT OF THE GLORY of God, Romans 3:23.

🏔️Moses was Not Satisfied, with the saw Mighty Miracles, Signs and Wonders in Egypt and at the Red Sea. He was not satisfied with the many Personal Encounters with God, when he went up the mountain to speak with God, Exodus 31:18, he enquired of the Lord in the Tent of Meeting, Exodus 33:7-8, he was offered the service of an Angel, Exodus 33:2, the Assurance of God’s Presence, Exodus 33:15. He wanted More of God, He wanted to See the Glory of God, and all that God Is. The Glory of God is Kavod in Hebrew, and the meaning is, the Worth and Weight of God, to describe His Nature, His Attributes, His Substance, His Character His Power and His Goodness.

🏔️Moses, wanted more than the Voice He heard and experienced on the Mountain Top, he wanted God Himself. He Desired a Higher and Deeper Level of Intimacy. But, God said that it was not possible to see God’s Glory and live. However, God said that he could experience the Effect of God’s Glory, that is His Goodness, Mercy and Compassion…Exodus 33:19-20.

🏔️To experience His Goodness, Moses would had to stand by himself in the cleft of a rock nearby and he would be covered by the Hand of God. The cleft was a very narrow place that can accommodate only one person. It is when we are squeezed into a tight spot, so narrow with hardly any breathing space that we can experience the Glory of God, which was always there, but we couldn’t see it, and when our trials are over and we can see His Goodness. Yes, after our lockdown, we will know that God was always there when we felt the squeeze.

🏔️Child of God, Remember this, it is only after going through some hard stuff in life and when we come out on the other side, when we usually realise that God has Hid US In Christ, to Reveal His Glory through us after we have momentarily suffered, 2 Corithians 4:17. Jesus is the Rock with the Cleft in whom we can take Shelter from the Covid Storm that is sweeping the globe. We need to go Deeper into Him to Experience His Glorious Presence, in this lockdown.

🏔️During the lockdown, you may feel burdened for a ministry that you are not prepared for. You might not feel comfortable in that role. Your ability or lack of it, might be pronounced and very obvious to all around. God only expects for you to be obedient, regardless of your comfort level. He has got the Power to take you through. Rest in His Glorious Power.

🏔️When Moses came down the Mountain his Face was Radiant and he was not aware of it, Exodus 34:29. He was not aware that the Glory of God was Radiating from his Face for all the people to see. That is how we should be when we face the world with all humility, when we are serving God and ministering to others in this pandemic.

🏔️God works through weak vessels in order for Him to receive His proper Glory. So we must be careful to give Him the Glory in everything we do. The Glory of God in our lives should be seen by others for their benefit and not to draw attention to ourselves. The Corona has given us enough time and space to read and behold the Glory of God’s Word. Behold Until You Become, 2 Corinthians 3:16:18 for the glory which Moses couldn’t see, has moved into every Believer, Christ the Hope of Glory is in You, Colossians 1:27….Amen

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️