Finish our God given Assignments

In this Lockdown, let us Bless our Co- Workers who have helped us to Finish our God given Assignments….Exodus 39:43.

👏🏼When we look at the Tabernacle, it’s coverings and it’s furnishings it reminds me of a Christian Believer’s life. From the outside the Tabernacle with the coverings of the animal hides looked uninteresting but on the inside of the Tabernacle everything was beautiful and sparkling and shining with gold.

👏🏼Our Christian Life is something like that, on the outside we may not be attractive as Christians, but our innermost being is hidden in Christ and is made beautiful by His Presence on the inside of us. What is on the inside of us should flow outside. We might not all be beautiful on the outside for others but our inner beauty will draw others to Jesus

The Life Changing Glory of God with a Glory Mask over Moses’ face which had to be covered by a veil because the people could not look at his face freely, Exodus 34:29, now fills the Tabernacle and nobody could minister in Presence of the Lord

If the tablets of stone with the Law that brought death, could change Moses face, how much more should we be radiating through the soaking of God’s Life Giving Word, to become full of God’s life-changing presence and bringing His light and glory to the world around us when we worship in His Presence?

It is easy to start something big but to finish it on time without abandoning it halfway is not only difficult at times, causing delays, but can be finished in a sloppy haphazard way. The Tabernacle, however was built to perfection and completed exactly according to God’s design.

Exodus Chapter 39, is about the people of God doing all that God called them to do together. Jesus is coming back. We need to spend our lives individually in our families, communities and together in our churches doing all that He calls us to do. Let us not waste time on anything else.

Moses was accountable to God for the building of the Tabernacle and he inspected the Tabernacle. Moses blessed the workers after inspecting the Finished work of the Tabernacle, Exodus 39:43. The Hebrew term rendered blessed means “to empower someone or something for success.”

Child of God, Remember this, Moses Finished with the Finest Finishing Touches all the works of the Tabernacle, Exodus 39:42-43.
And that is all that God requires of us today.That we the people of God in Christ Jesus do all that God has told us to do.

Like Moses can we bless those who are People builders and Kingdom builders and Nation builders? Can we bless those who have undertaken difficult tasks in our everyday life and have contributed to communities? In this pandemic, there are so many people working tirelessly and relentlessly for the benefit and good of the community and church. Take time to pray and thank God for them.

Finishing well as a believer till the end of life requires a life of committed service! God will inspect our Finished work, let us Finish well on His Finished Work.

How can the workers of the Tabernacle encourage us to finish well the Christian work God has given us individually, or cooperatively without compromising on our work ethics and cutting corners?

God loved His Finished Work at Creation and saw that everything was so good that He took a day to rest to enjoy His Finished work. Jesus Finished His Work on the Cross so that those who believe in Him, can Finish well in life.

Just like the people of Israel could enjoy the satisfaction of finishing the work God had assigned them, we should enjoy when we finish our God given task and bless our co-workers….Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️