God promised to meet with Moses

In these chapters we learn about instructions given with regard to making the altar of sacrifice, the courtyard, the making of the pure oil (so that the lamps would burn continually), Exodus 27, the clothing and consecration of Aaron and his sons, Exodus 28,29, the altar of incense, the payment of ransom money that was mandatory for all those who were 20 years old and up when were numbered at the time of taking a census, the making of the bronze laver and the preparation of the anointing oil and incense, Exodus 30.

All these instructions were to be carried out so that God could dwell in the midst of His people and no harm would be brought upon them on account of their sin. As they followed these instructions exactly as they were told to, God promised to meet with Moses and speak to him on their behalf, Exodus 29:42, and God would reside among them and be their God, even the God who brought them out of Egypt so that He could reside in their midst, 45,46.

Incase they failed to offer the stipulated sacrifices or follow the rules given in the preparation of the various items of the tabernacle, or the manner in which the priests had to be consecrated or the specific instructions given regarding the preparation of the various parts of the priest’s garments, then that would lead to the death of the people or priests as the case may be!

As we view each of these items and related instructions closely, we see them to be pictures of what we need to do from the New Testament standpoint, incase we desire to experience the abiding presence of God in our personal lives, as well as in our midst, everytime we assemble together as Christ’s Church.

Without offering our bodies as a living sacrifice in obedience to God’s Word, and cleansing ourselves by the blood of Jesus, every time we fall into some sin, we cannot eat of the hidden manna or have revelation on the deeper truths of the Word or be anointed with the Holy Spirit in order to serve the Lord effectively! We also cannot serve as His priests if we don’t walk in Holiness and carry the burdens of God’s people on our shoulders and in our hearts every time we go into God’s presence to seek Him for answers in prayer.

Today each born again believer can have such access into God’s presence, provided we obey what God has said in every aspect of our lives. We need no other mediator except, Christ Jesus our Lord, who offered Himself once and for all as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, 1 Timothy 2:5 and Hebrews 9:1-15! How blessed are we to be partakers of this new and better Covenant. May we leave no stone unturned to aspire to God’s highest by His all-sufficient grace alone! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.