Lord gave us the ability to do the work

Exodus 36:2 “Then Moses summoned Bezalel and Oholiab and every skilled person to whom the Lord had given ability and who was willing to come and do the work.”

Two men, Bezalel and Aholiab, were called by God to give Him their artistic skill and labor.
He had already empowered them by His Spirit to do the job He was calling them to do.

When Moses was looking for workers he wanted two qualities—God-given skill and willingness to do the work.

There are many talented people with ability but it’s not enough.
Ability and willingness are the two things to be regarded in the call of ministers.
The successful ones are those who are willing to do the work.
God has a work for each of us and whatever God directs, He will supply.
It also means giving our time, energy, and talents.
God is still looking for our willing hearts today.

“LORD, please use us this day in Your kingdom!”

Jooley Mathew

🍇 Chapters: 35 to 38
Simple thoughts for deeper

” All the gold that was occupied for the work of
the Holy place, even the
gold of the offering was twenty and nine talents and
seven hundred and thirty
Shekels, after the Shekel of
the Sanctuary”
Here we see another face of the worship, by giving to God. People gave so lavishly
that, Moses gave a commandment, not to bring
any more offering.
Let us assess the quantity of the gold they have offered. It was 29 talents and 730 Shekels.
One talent= 3000 Shekels
One Shekel= 16.6 gms
So the total gold received from people is 1456.31 Kg
Just imagine the present day value of this much gold.
This gold offering was in
addition to the Silver and
Brass they brought to the
From where did they get these gold & silver? God
gave them through the Egyptians, before the Exodus. So they returned
to God what they had
received from Him.
Let us examine our attitude towards worshiping
the Lord by giving. Solomon says, “Honour your Lord with your Substances” (Proverb : 3: 9) So many ignore this, thinking, does God need any gold, silver or money form us? Yes, indeed..
He could have created a
Tabernacle and a Sanctuary
with gold, in one word, as he
had created the earth and
everything in it, from nothing. But He seeks the co-operation and contri-
bution of His people to fulfill
His plans. That’s why He asked Moses to tell the
people to bring their offerings to the Sanctuary.
Now also He seeks the
same from His people for
the extension of His Kingdom in this world
( Gospel Works) The basic
strategy of Evangelization
is ” to Go or to send “.
If we cannot go, we should
some one else. For this
money is essential. God solicites some thing greater
than the one we put in
the offertory bag or box,
because He gave everything
to us, including His beloved
Before finishig the reading of Exodus, let us take a decision that, we will
worship Him not only with
the words, but also with the
Wallet, and not only with our
presence but also with our

Dr: Thomas David