The Exemplary Woman 🌹

Several women mentioned in the Bible excelled in faith and they impart valuable lessons. The mother of Moses was one such woman who rose up to a political crisis. Amram and Jochebed, belonging to the Levite tribe had three children in the land of Egypt.

The first two Aaron and Miriam were born when things were fine. But during her term with the third child there arose a harsh rule that made it mandatory for all Hebrew male babies to be thrown in the Nile. Jochebed did not despair but shone to be powerful mother.

Bold Woman
Jochebed was a bold woman who rose up to the situation. She somehow managed to carry her pregnancy in a low profile. Because the new rule would have made officials to take an account of all pregnant Hebrew women. Wonder how she had her delivery in a quiet way? And how she handled the new born’s cries! Jochebed rose up against all ordeals in keeping the new born. Rearing children is never easy. Mother’s need special grace to nuture them.

Woman of Extraordinary Faith
Jochebed was a woman of extraordinary faith. As soon as her third son was born, with eyes of faith she saw something different in him. So she determined to safe guard him. How parents look at their children and address them influences them a lot. Critical parents break their children’s confidence. Whereas those who always look at them with a godly perspective mold them to be God fearing, blessed citizens.

Wise Woman
Jochebed somehow managed to hide the new born baby in her house. God would have helped her as new born babies cry whenever they want. Jochebed soon realized that after three months it was impossible to hide the baby further. She did not lose hope. Instead she made an ark of bulrushes, laid the child in it and placed it in the reeds by the river’s bank. She made Miriam her eldest daughter stand afar and watch the proceedings.

Providence made Pharoah’ daughter notice the ark. She immediately knew that it was a Hebrew baby. Little Miriam innocently rushed to Pharaoh’s daughter and soon Jochebed was hired to nurse the child. Jochebed had trained her daughter Miriam to talk wisely. Do you train our children in the way they ought to be brought up?

Woman of Ardent Prayer
Jochebed was a woman who prayed earnestly for all her three children. Later on we see that all her three children were prophets mightily used by God. She instilled in Moses and her two other children a strong rooted faith to trust God, live for Him and to serve Him. Perhaps she had consecrated all her three children for the Lord’s service. Moses was with her for few years. Jochebed prayerfully nursed and nutured Moses. And the faith sown in Moses grew and yielded fruits.

Mother’s play an important, influential role in the life of their children. Children are given to parents so that they can bring them up for the Lord. God hears the earnest prayers of mothers for their children. God nutures the faith that mothers instill in their chidlren at an early age. May each one of us be like Jochebed in bringing up our children for God.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️