The Tent of Meeting and God’s workmen

The Book of Exodus mentions about the Tent of Meeting. This Tent of Meeting was there before the Tabernacle was set. The Tabernacle was pitched in the center of the Israelite camp whereas the Tent of Meeting was set outside, a little far away from the campsite.

⛺ The Tent ⛺
The Tent of Meeting was a simple tent that could be carried and pitched by Moses. It was light, portable and simple to set up.The Tent of Meeting was special to Moses as he met God there. The people went there to inquire of the Lord.

In the present context the Tent of Meeting is our prayer room or prayer corner where we have our quiet time. Do we have a Tent of Meeting in our house where we go to pray regularly. It can be a small corner with a mat, Bible and a song book.

⛺ Pitched Outside ⛺
The Tent of Meeting was pitched outside the camp so that it was uninterrupted. No human interference and far away from day to day affairs. Jesus often withdrew Himself from the crowd and went to a remote place to pray. Our prayer time should be devoid of human intervention and busy schedules.

⛺ Moses Entry ⛺
Whenever Moses went into the tent, the people rose, stood at the entrance of their tents watching Moses until he entered the Tent of Meeting (Ex 33:8). They knew that it was Moses’ personal time with God and did not disturb him. Can those watching us testify that we are praying people and not disturb our times of prayer.

⛺ Presence of God ⛺
As Moses entered the Tent of Meeting the Presence of God was manifested in the pillar of cloud. And those standing and watching at the entrance of their tent would worship God (Ex 33:10). When we consistently worship God it will draw those around us to automatically worship and revere God.

⛺ God Spoke ⛺
The Tent of Meeting was the place where God spoke face to face with Moses as one speaks to a friend (Ex 33:11). Our prayer corner is the place and time where we can open our heart and talk with God. And it is the time when God talks with us. Prayer becomes a two way communication.

Dear Ones in Christ, do we have a Tent of Meeting? A specific place where we pray regularly. Do we feel God’s Presence in our times of prayer? Do we wait for God to speak to us? Let our prayers change us impact those who come in contact with us.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️

God’s workmen Exodus 31

God says about Bezaleel I have specially chosen Bezaleel God knows us all by name and in His sovereignty He made known to us His will and desire.

In vs3 ,God says :I have filled him with the spirit of God giving Him great wisdom ,ability ,and expertise in all kinds of crafts What an endowment!

In vs 6,God says,. I have personally appointed Oholiab….to be his assistant ….I have given special skill ….. God not only provides a companion to work with Bezaleel but also enabled him for the work..

The workman are responsible too.They are to make all that I have commanded vs6,11.The work to be done is all prescribed by God and the workman has to obey Him.

In New Testament we see apostles,chosen by Jesus,and necessary ability given to them,They taught to others about christ which was written in their hearts.

Do we know what God has given us to do?Are we doing it?

Cynthia Sathiaraj