Training Ground

The plagues had a multipurpose effect on the Egyptians, Israelites and Moses. The power of God was manifested in each plague to the Egyptians and Israelites. And it also turned to be the training ground for Moses.

God called Moses to lead His people from Egypt to the Promised Land. It was a great mission and Moses was untrained. Being a leader is not an easy task. God led Moses through a series of events that eventually molded him to be a leader according to His heart. God used the plagues to train Moses. And Moses learnt the following lessons through the plagues.


Moses might have prayed for his people and his family in the desert. Now God planned to enlarge his prayer vision and mission. It is interesting to see Pharaoh requesting Moses to pray for him and his people (Ex 8:8, 28; 9:28). And each time Moses was sincere to pray (Ex 8:12, 30; 9:33). Moses learnt the art and value of interceding for his oppressor. Later on we see that Moses again and again interceded for the Israelites who kept on disobeying God.

Specific Prayer
Moses gave Pharaoh the honor of setting the time when the plague should specifically stop (Ex 8:9). And each time God heard Moses and the plague stopped at that specified time. This taught Moses the power of Specific Prayer. And he started praying specifically as he lead the Israelites to the Promised Land.

Closer to God
Each plagues drew Moses closer to God. Before every plague he had to listen to God, hear from Him and carry out what He commands. His faith in God got strengthened. He started knowing God in a more intimate manner as He had to hear from Him regularly.

Moses learnt to carry out God’s commands. It was a act of obedience and faith as he stood before Pharaoh telling him about each plague. God told Moses that though Pharaoh would not listen he had to convey His message to him.

God hardened Pharaoh’s heart after each plague. He refused to allow the people to go and worship their God. This trained Moses to later on lead the stiff-necked Israelites patiently in the wilderness. He knew his people will never change as God told him. Yet he interceded for them, taught them God’s commands and continually lead them.

Dear ones in Christ, God allows each and very situation to mold us for a higher purpose. He permits certain people in our lives to impart valuable lessons. Just like the plagues trained Moses COVID 19 has taught us several valuable lessons. We see the power of God manifested in this situation. Let this season be the training ground bringing us into a closer relationship with God.

God bless us to be channels of blessing.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️