☠️ Can dry bones live❓

Ezekiel Chapter 37

🌈 Yahweh took Ezekiel in the spirit to the valley of dry bones. He ask a strange question to Ezekiel – “CAN THESE BONES LIVE “? and commanded him to speak to the bones and proclaim the word of the Lord to them (v 1-6) :
🗣️ Yahweh will restore them to life.
🗣️ Yahweh will put flesh on them.
🗣️ Yahweh will put breath into them .

📌 Ezekiel obeyed and the prophecy starts to come true before his eyes. With a noise , a rattling sound the bones are formed into bodies, but they are not yet alive (v7-8). Again Ezekiel prophesied to the breath to enter into the bodies to live. Before his eyes a vast army rise to their feet (v 10).

These days , churches are built on
✅ bones(human strength)
✅ flesh( human intellectual)
✅ Covered by skin( human doctrines/ self righteousness)
✅ But without the breath( anointing of the Spirit).
📌 Because of this we hear / see the rattling sound ( Chaos/Confusion/Opposition/Persecution) in the church ministry.

Yes ‼
These dry bones ( dead church) can be alive in Christ Jesus ✝

🌈 Yahweh explains the vision : The bones are the Israelites , pictured as a dead nation having no hope ( “We are cut off “. V 11).
🌈 Yahweh says that he will open the graves of exile, bring them out of nations and return them to his land ( v 12,13 )
🌈 Yahweh will bring them back to life by giving them a new heart and a new spirit ( His Spirit v 14 )
🌈 After illustrating the RESURRECTION AND SALVATION OF ISRAEL Yahweh made three promises that summarised His future plan for Israel :
1️⃣ RESTORATION ( v 21 ) – A fulfillment of Abrahamic Covenant ( Gen 12 )
2️⃣ UNIFICATION ( v 22 ) – A fulfillment of Davidic Covenant ( 2Sam 7 )
3️⃣ PURIFICATION ( v 23 ) – A fulfillment of the New Covenant ( Jer 31 )

✅ This prophesy emphasised the hope of Israel’s return to the land.
✅ Those who are spiritually dead in sin would be brought to life by the Spirit through faith in Christ Jesus ✝
✅ It also gives the hope of the resurrection for those who believe in Him ( Jn 11: 25-26 ; Rom 8:11 )

CHEER UP PASTORS AND MISSIONARIES: You may feel that you are preaching the gospel to a congregation of dry , dead bones , and have little hope of them coming to life.
📌 Remember , when Ezekiel spoke in obedience to Yahweh, His Spirit came and the miracle took place . Yahweh makes dead people come to life 🙌

Today we need Ezekiels to preach in obedience to Yahweh’s command in this dying world .

Glory to God 🙏
✍🏽 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳