Ezekiel 1

At the age of thirty, when he could have started serving in the temple (Numbers 4:3), Ezekiel was called to serve as God’s prophet in Babylon. He was in captivity, but that did not keep the heavens from opening so that he could see the glory of God (Revelation 1:9).

He saw God’s providence (1-21). The vision shows how God is working in His world. What looks like a storm to us is the tool of His providence, the wheels spinning within the wheels and the living creatures going back and forth like lightning is all too much for us to understand but not for God to control Romans 8:28 still stands!

He saw God’s throne (22-27). Far above the storm, the wheels the living creatures, and the firmament is God’s throne ruling over all. It looked as though Nebuchadnezzar was ruling everything, but God was still on His throne: “The LORD sits as King forever” (Psalm 29:10). The next time you face a storm, look high enough to see God’s exalted throne.

He saw the rainbow (28). Usually you see the rainbow when the storm is over (Genesis 9:8-17), and only an arc at that. Ezekiel saw the rainbow during the storm, and it completely encircled the throne! A symbol of God’s grace, the rainbow assures us that the Lord is with us and will not forsake us, especially when we are going through a storm.

Posted by brother Narayan.