Ezekiel 3

In this chapter we get a glimpse of how a true prophet of God is prepared and sent.

To begin with, he doesn’t go on his own accord, and the words he speaks are not in accordance with his own conception or choosing, vs 1-4.

The timing and people to whom he is sent to, are not according to his own choice, but as per the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit, vs 5,6. Even if the people are rebellious and refuse to accept the Word, he is still told to speak to them.

So the success of his mission is not dependent on whether those hearing him receive the messages given to them or not, vs 7! God Himself strengthens His prophet so that he is able to withstand their opposition without fear, 8,9.

All that he needs to do is to carefully hear what God has to say and convey the same to the people accurately, no matter what the outcome may be, vs 10,11! Further, he is a man often acquainted with spiritual experiences associated with the spirit world, vs 12,13, which are not originated by him but by the Lord Himself, vs 22-24.

He is expected to do just as the Holy Spirit leads, and he is expected to speak only as the Lord opens his mouth or closes it, in accordance with the burden given to him by the Holy Spirit, vs 14-16,26,27. However, if he chooses not to convey to the people, that which the Lord directs him to, then he becomes accountable for the same, if they die in their sin!

However, if he conveys the word accurately, and yet his hearers choose to respond in rebellion or disobedience, then he will not be held responsible and they will bear their sin themselves, vs 17-21. He is expected to continue his ministry even in the face of persecution, vs 25! These verses give us some beautiful enlightenment on what it takes to be a prophet of the Most High God.

As we examine our own prophetic ministry or gifting in the light of the same, we can avoid needless pitfalls in the matter and thus be enabled to effectively fulfill our calling in a way that pleases God and blesses His people. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.