God is still on the throne and He will remember His own

Ex 26:2. Son of man because Tyre has said of Jerusalem Aha! The gate to the nation’s is broken and its doors have swung open to me now that she lies in ruins I will prosper.

Aha That one word expresses Tyre’s response when Jerusalem is conquered. They gloated.They were thrilled. Tyre had been jealous of God’s blessing on Jerusalem. After Jerusalem’s destruction, Tyre thought it’s business would grow and she would become more wealthy.

Through Ezekial God pronounces judgement on Tyre, stating that wave after wave of nations will come in to conquer and destroy the city. Their judgement begins with Nebuchednezzar who beseiges the city, beginning shortly after the destruction of Jerusalem. God was going to destroy Tyre too. This is a warning to all those who rejoice over the fall of others. Do not rejoice when your enemy falls Prov 24:17

Cynthia Sathiaraj

Ezekiel: 24-27
Simple thoughts for
deeper meditation.

Ezekiel 25:17

“I will punish them severely
and take full revenge on them. They will feel my
anger. Then they will know that I am the Lord”

Although these prophecies came in the light
of the rise of the Babylonian
power, it gives a significant
insight into God’s sovereignty. If these oracles
were proclaimed when Israel was in power, they
would have overlooked it.
But the prophecies were
uttered when they were
suffering in exile.

⚡ For the Israelites, the
prophecies of judgment
would be perceived as signs
that God is not silent or
powerless, rather He is in
control of the affairs of the
world. Such perception also
helped them understand that their judgment is
temporary and restoration
will take place.

⚡ God is still on the throne
and He will remember His
own. When we analyse the
present condition of the world, we who believe in God, must have the same
perception. Whatever happens in the world, God
controls everything and He
will never abandon His own.

⚡ A careful study of the
contents of the prophecies
against Ammon, Moab, Edom and Philistia indicates that these nations are being
punished for abuse of power, oppression of the
poor, arrogance and failure
to defend the marginalized
and the poor.

💫 In addition to their
ridicule of the Sanctuary of
God when it was desecrated
and laid waste ( V.3) there
atrocities against the Israelites.(V:12) The oracle
points out that nations of
the world are still account-
able to God. God still defends the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

The contents of the oracles
not only provide hope but
certainly increase our
responsibility to proclaim
aloud to the world to repent
and turn to God.

Dr. Thomas David🎯