God’s Watchman

Ezekiel was among the Jews exiled to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar in 597 BC. He received his call in July 593 BC, as a prophet, probably at the age of 30, while in Babylon.(Eze.1:1-3) He prophesied for 22 years upto April 577 BC.

In ancient Israel, watchman were stationed at the highest parts of the city wall to inform its inhabitants about any external or internal danger. They would pay with their lives if they failed to inform the city of an enemies approach. If the watchmen were not alert, cities could fall, many people could be slaughtered or forced into captivity . The prophets were spiritual watchman relaying God’s word to the people. Ezekiel was called by God with a specific ministry.(Ezekiel 2)


  1. God is the one who called. Eze.3:16,17.
  2. Appointment is as watchman. Eze.3:17.


  1. To hear God’s word. Eze.3:17.
  2. To give warning to the wicked people. Eze.3:18,19.
  3. To save his life from death. Eze.3:18.
  4. To warn the righteous people from sinning. Eze. 3:20.( A righteous person can turn to sin)


  1. If a wicked man die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood. Eze.3:18.
  2. If a righteous man turns to evil, he will die for his sin. I will hold you accountable for his blood. Eze.3:20.

Today all true Christians got the responsibility as God’s watchman.

Millions of people who never got a chance to hear the Good News are perishing in sin. Who will share the Good News which can save them?Where is the matchman and what is he doing?

What is the spiritual situation in many churches today? Many righteous people are turning to sin.Who will warn them?

I will hold you accountable for his blood.Is it applicable to us?
What are we going to do to save those who are dying? How and where?

Millions of people in unreached areas who never got a chance to hear the Good News. Who is ready to go there as God’s watchman?


Praise God for faithful disciples like Rev CV Abraham, who started this Bible study inspite of his personal commitments…

I enjoy the rigour & discipline of studying God’s Word…it disciplines me, encourages me and shows me how to walk by faith & not by sight…all the circumstances around me.

I read Jeremiah & Lamentations for the first time & was so blessed.

While the pace of this Bible study is quite rapid, studying in a group, encourages me & helps me learn, as God speaks to me through fellow believers.

Praise God for this wonderful use of WhatsApp !.

Narga, Bangalore.