How are we going to know the truth from the false?

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Day 181, 270 Days Bible Reading, Monday, 11.1.21. ✒

🌱 It is Serious when God tells us: “Don’t You Know What it Means?” when He has explained something so clearly through His chosen prophets? Ezekiel 17:12. L👀K at Ezekiel 17:12 in another translation, “Are ye so blockish that you do not know what is meant? or are you so secure that you will not consider it, but run on your own ruin?” It looks like God was suggesting that they must be very inattentive, blockish and very stupid. They seemed to not know the meaning of the parable, because by now, Israel should have easily understood the parable, as they have been hearing God’s message to them from different prophets.

🌱 In this lockdown I am asking God to show me all the things I didn’t get to understand before the lockdown. Unless we have a teachable and humble heart, we are not going to get it! In the end time God is going to send a strong spirit of delusion to those who don’t want to hear the truth, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, and we are in the last days. Look at what is going on in the world, with fake news that seems to be real. Unless we spend time in the truth, how are we going to know the truth from the false? So much hype on social media, and people are getting caught, upset, distressed and in some cases panic severely. We are told to guard our hearts and minds with the truth of God’s Word, Proverb 4:23, and protect our minds with the helmet of salvation, Ephesians 6:17, so that we don’t jump on the bandwagon and jump the gun.

🌱 We saw in Ezekiel 15 that God, the Divine Carpenter, was not able to make anything useful out of the vine nation. Because it is wood that has been partly charred by the fires of judgement, it was even more useless, and it must be burnt up.” And because they were stubborn, blinded and were steeped in their sinful and rebellious ways, our Merciful God gave them another chance to repent by giving them His message in another parable — about the two eagles and the vine. After giving them the parable, God was expecting them to get the message this time, but He knew they won’t get it because they don’t want to get it!

🌱 So in Ezekiel 17:12, in exasperation, God told Ezekiel, His Prophet, to ask the people of Judah, especially Kings and Princes, the obvious question about their mental block on hearing God’s Word, and to explain the parable, which they should have understood by now! God’s chosen vine was so secure and confident and took God’s merciful deliverance for granted that they didn’t have an iota of what was going to happen to them, that He ordered Ezekiel to explain it to them in simple words.

🌱 Child of God, Remember this, the parable was a simple message to all the Kings, Princes and the people of God. They would be carried away in exile to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, as their bargaining power was weak, and so God gave them His good plan on how to survive and thrive, provided they submit to Babylon. But, they had other ideas in their weakened state; they looked to the Pharaoh of Egypt to rescue them from the Babylon aggressor, instead of looking to God.

🌱 So God had to remind them that none of their tricks in their books will work, and what God has said, He will do it! Just imagine the pain of a fruitful plant being uprooted, stripped of its fruit, left to be withered, to be struck down and die in the end! Even if it is transplanted it will not thrive or survive! Ezekiel 17:9-10. No clever schemes will work. We are given the Word of God as our Compass and the Holy Spirit is our Navigator.

🌱 You can’t go South when He asks us to go North! You can’t go either to the East or the West to compromise. You keep going North, even if you missed it, because that is where you are meant to be. So you go in the direction He tells you to go. Even if you miss Him, He can’t miss you because you are always on His Radar, if you have chosen His ways, Psalm 119:105. In this lockdown, let us get serious about understanding the Word of God and wanting to study it. Don’t wait to hear God saying, “Do you not know what these things mean?”…Amen. 🙏

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