Preacher’s Duty is to Preach

Ezekiel Chapter 33:21-32

📝 Ezekiel was once commanded to eat the scroll, fill your stomach then go and speak to the house of Israel Ezk 3:1-3
📌 We must obey and internalize Yahweh’s word first before we proclaim it to others.

📝 Ezekiel was to speak to the house of Israel whether they would listen or fail to listen Ezk 3:4,7,11
📌 Neither a prophet nor a preacher can force people to repent. Our task is simply to be a watchman delivering a warning.
HOLY SPIRIT is the one who convicts people to repent.

📝 Once Yahweh told Ezekiel to “go and shut himself inside his house so that he will stop speaking to the rebellious people (Ezk 3:24-26). But he will communicate Yahweh’s warnings through symbolic actions.
📌 The phrase “Go and shut yourself inside your house is a time when one would sincerely meditate His word, and then to speak what He wants you to speak. A good tips for the preachers.

📝 Ezekiel testified, “My mouth was opened and I was no longer silent” 33: 22b and, thus, he spoke the message of judgment.

🌈 Yahweh exposed the true characters of the people in exile :
✅ They were claiming the ” Yahweh’s blessings to Abraham “.
✅ They encourage each other to come to Ezekiel to hear Yahweh’s message but they do not do what He says (v 30-31).
✅ Outwardly they behave pious but their hearts are greedy for unjust gain (v 31b)


📝 Ezekiel’s fiery messages about people’s detestable practices and Yahweh’s warnings sounds to them like Love Songs sung by a beautiful voice (v 32)

💕 Beloved Church, today many church goers like preachers who entertains the congregation. (“.. one who sings love songs with a beautiful voice “. .. v 32).
But we need Ezekiels :
🗣️ who first eat the SCROLL (God’s Word) and then ready to FEED others.
🗣️ who speaks the TRUTH.
🙌 who rely on the Holy Spirit for the HARVEST.

Glory to God🙏🏼
✍🏾 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳