Saved by one man

Samaria and Sodom were linked to Israel, in God’s eyes, as sisters (Eze 16:46). As Abraham interceded for Sodom, God promised not to destroy the city if He cound find 10 righteous people in it (Gen 18:32). He couldn’t.

In Ezekiel 14, we see 3 righteous men – Noah, Daniel and Job. God stated that if they were in Israel, He would deliver only them and destroy the land with its sinful people. No intercession would help because the land had sinned.

A land that sins? Because of Adam’s sin, the land was cursed (Gen 1:17). God chased out the Amorites because of their sin. He gave the land to Israel who defiled it and were chased out (Jer 2:7). Lev 18:24-25 says that when the land is defiled, God punishes it until it vomits out its inhabitants. The Lord dwells in the land and so it cannot be defiled (Num 35:34).

Is this relative only to the land of Israel? No. Sodom was Israel’s sister. By extension, the entire earth is linked to Israel. The land we live in is related to us. We are His temple. He resides in us and walks in our land.

Evil will plague the land. The innocent will suffer. But because of 1 righteous man, we who believe in and walk with Him are safe (1 Tim 2:5).

Stay blessed.
Adeline Albert

Piggyback ride on Parents’ righteousness


❇️ Even if Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, they could save neither son nor daughter.They would save only themselves by their righteousness (v20)

❇️ Above verse is the declaration of the Sovereign Lord himself as a warning to children not to bank upon their parents’ righteousness for their salvation.

❇️ It is said even good people can’t go to heaven only the righteous in the sight of God can make it. Hence in order to be saved every individual needs to repent and believe on Lord Jesus Christ.

❇️ Though the Lord may show love to the children of those who keep his commandments to a thousand generation (Exo.20:6) children can’t ride piggyback into heaven on their parents righteousness.

❇️ Noah, Daniel and Job the three giants of righteousness could not save their sons & daughters on account of their righteousness how much more it will be difficult for our children to be saved on account of our righteousness.

❇️ Everybody is expected to work out his/her salvation with fear and trembling (Php.2:12) and hence the sons & daughters can’t expect God to save them on account of their righteous parents .

❇️ This puts a responsibility on the parents too to bring up their children in righteousness and not to spoil them by pampering. Many children of righteous parents prove to be thorn in their flesh since they failed in their duty.

❇️ Righteous parents can raise righteous children by
▪️Teaching their children the word of God from early childhood
▪️Instilling the fear of God in their children by their obedience to God
▪️ Being a Rolemodel to their children in being righteous
▪️Being prayerful parents to protect their children from the worldly influences
▪️Being a born again parent to encourage children to become born again

✅ Insights learnt:
▪️Children can’t be saved on account of righteous parents
▪️All need to work out their salvation with fear and trembling
▪️Parents need to be Role models of righteousness

Dr.E.Christadoss 🙏🏽