Sets up his idols in his heart

Ezekiel 14:7, 8. Here we read lsraelites set up their idols in their heart.

Israelites, who knew the living God, instead of loving Him with whole heart, and worshipping with whole heart, they set up their idols in their heart.

  1. What is an idol? If we love any person or thing more than our living God , it is our idol. That means, if we forsake the creator, and love the creations , it is our idol.

2 . We may say that we are not worshipping idol. But if we love our children, wife, husband or friends more than our living Lord, they are our idols which are set up in our heart.

If we give first place to money, things, education, job, food, vehicles, properties etc and keep God in the second place, or neglect him, these are also idols set up in our heart.

Covetousness is idolatory . Ephysians 5: 5. Stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatory. 1 Samuel 15: 23.

Yes, do we have the set up idols in our heart? Let us search ourselves. Remember that the first place in our heart should be for our Lord who gave us life and bought us with His blood as the price.

  1. What is the meaning of setting up? Keeping it firmly, with out shaking or moving is setting up. Yes, today Christ and His word should be set up in our heart. We should not set up any idol in our heart. If there is set up idol in our heart, let us pluck and throw it out from our heat.
  2. When Jesus is set up in our heart, the fountain of living water will spring out from our heart. This living water will quench our thirst and many others thirst.Thatswhy James 1: 21 says lmplant ( set up )the word which is able to save your souls. Yes, do we set the word of God in our heart? or the stubbornness and covetousness are set up in our heart? Let us search ourselves.
  3. When we set up these idols in our heart ,which is the treasure of our life, God will turn His face against us. He will cut him from the midst of His people. ( holy people ).

Yes, let us remove the set up idols from our heart and may the Holy Spirit help us to implant the word of God in our heart. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.