The departure of God’s glory from His Temple

In Ezekiel 8:6 God tells because of the worst sins the Israelis are committing He was forced to leave His sanctuary.

From Ezekiel 8 to 12 we see God’s Glory departing from His temple. When tabernacle was erected,sanctified and furnished we see the cloud covered the tent of meeting and the Glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. (EXODUS 40:34)

After that king Solomon built the temple. In 1st Kings 8:11″And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud,for the Glory of the Lord filled his temple.

The same Glory and the presence of the Lord gradually left the temple in Ezekiel. In 10:4 the Glory of God was in the inner court. Then it moved to the threshold of the temple and then it came to the outer court. In 9:3Glory of God started moving towards the threshold. In Ezekiel 10:18&19Glory of God departed from threshold to the east gate of the Lord’s house. Finally in 11:23 The Glory of the Lord went up with in the city and stopped above the mountain east of it .

Dearly beloved just as the Glory of God entered your heart when you are saved, it may depart if you sin and continue in it without repenting.


The throne (1). If all you do is look at the sins of the land, you will end up very discouraged. Do as the prophet did: lift your eyes higher and get a new vision of the throne of God (Jeremiah 17:12).

The fire (2-17). Coals from the altar brought cleansing to Isaiah (Isaiah 6:6-7), but they brought judgment to Jerusalem. The altar is the place where sin is atoned for because sin is judged. Had the nation sought God’s mercy and obeyed His Word, the coals would have brought cleansing. Yet even in the midst of terrible judgment, God’s “wheels” were still turning and His purposes being worked out in the world.

The glory (18-22). God will not share His glory with idols (Isaiah 42:8); therefore, He had to abandon His house. His glory moved to the door of the east gate, poised to move again – (11:22-23), If the nation would not glorify God in their obedience, they would glorify Him in judgment.

Posted by Brother Narayan